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Sunday, July 11, 2010

One has to start something, or maybe 3?

2 starts for knitted scarvesStarts, starts, and more starts! These are all small items, light weight and good to travel with. So, on my last trip I put yarn, needles, patterns if I needed them in various zip lock bags and those went with me in my carry on. After all one must have something to knit or crochet while on board a aircraft. I was flying first to St. Louis; then after a few days going from there to Denver, then driving from Denver to Breckenridge. Two flights and about a 2.5 hour car drive. I kept starting things in order to see how the yarn and the pattern I had chosen were going to work out. Remember these 2 from my post Adding Stash? Here you can see the beginnings of 2 scarves. The fuzzy funky fun one on the left for my niece. It will be part of her Christmas. Aren't you impressed I'm actually starting early on that? I am, because I'm terrible at that. But the yarn called out to me as something perfect for her. She's young and this pared with an appropriate colored sweater looks teenaging to me. The coral on the right, a lightweight cotton summer weight scarf for me myself. Coral, is sorta my signature color in the summer months.
beginning of knitted wrapAnd this start is suppose to end up being a wrap. You can probably see the yarn better here. I posted photo's before the yarn was rolled that I think show up a bit better. I'm a bit concerned though. The pattern says this is enough yarn....you can see the amount of the gold sparkle left in one skein/cake isn't much. I purchased 3 of them and according to yardage should have some left; but....seems like this should be bigger to me at this stage. Will have to play through with fingers crossed. The fiber on left is too pricey to use solo or to buy more I think. Plus if you read my previous post about the yarn, you'll note I got it in a going out of business sale. Fingers crossed this works out.


  1. I just stop in to say hello. I haven't been blogging to much. I love the different types of yarn you are using.
    They look very soft.
    Take care

  2. Just a quick hello from me too. I'm trying to get back to late night blogging before I can't blog at all!

  3. I thought you'd be blogging more after surgery because you wouldn't be riding and running around as much?


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