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Friday, July 09, 2010

Adding Stash

new yarn
I need more in my stash like I need a hole in my head, and yet....that didn't stop me. Here's my latest acquisition. There's an Italian yarn that I just learned has been discontinued. Hum...the store had plenty of it, perhaps that's why it was on sale? I'll make up at least one of these into a funky fun scarf my young niece. If I like it, might go back and get more while it's on sale before it's all gone?

This is a bulky yarn with lots and lots of texture, 38% Acrylic, 38% Nylon, 21% wool, and 3% Polyester. I can tell from that it's not going to be soft...but it is fun and I think will look very decorative. They're small skeins, only 55 yards, but apparently one is enough to make a skinny scarf for decorative purposes.

I love the color combinations, anyone used this? (the 2 larger skeins the redish black combo and the blue purple one).

The pattern looks like a fabulous sweater I'd like to make for myself, wonder if that will happen?

The other fun funky yarn Plymouth P-zazz and is 61 yards, 65% nylon and 35% rayon. The colors remind me of a box of crayons and look like it would go with anything.

Last, but not least is 100 yards of 100% cotton Adrienne Vittadini Alexa. I LIOVE the color and wear a good amount of that color in the summer time. It's made in Romania. I think it will make a nice skinny scarf, nothing fancy; just liked the color.

I should be de-stashing; but I seem to be going the other way. Figures, I'm backwards!


  1. I have not used any of those fancy fun yarns. They look difficult to work with. I love the Plymouth Encore yarn. That is my go to worsted weight yarn now. The sweater would look great Sandy. I try & destash but, for some reason I never can. maybe if I stay out of the store for a few weeks (months) lmao

  2. I always say that I'm not going to buy or get anymore yarn....yet, I can't keep out of the yarn stores. It's part of the obsession or the passion of knitting. My mom has a big stash of yarn too, & whenever we say anything to her about it, she just laughs & says, "That's OK....you all can have fun getting rid of it when I'm gone"

    I hope that she keeps adding to her stash for a long time to come.

  3. Bunny and Deb you make me feel better. There's so much great yarn out there it's hard not to keep buying.

  4. Yarn. I don't think we can ever have too much, but I do try to keep it within limits. I also always say I won't buy anymore, but then a yarn EMERGENCY comes up and I must get more. It's an addiction, I think. LOL On the other hand, I'm getting my guest/craft room fixed up and I don't have THAT much yarn. Certainly I've seen others with more. But of course now I have yarn envy. LOLOLOL


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