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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Making Connections

lacy scarf
lacy knitted scarf
Through the years of knitting and crocheting I've made some pretty wonderful connections. Connections with people with big hearts who help charities. People who've helped me help the homeless on Bridge and Beyond is just one example. Connections with people on forums, mail lists, blogs, and social networks that help each other, answer questions. You've hopefully noticed my newest social network connection, The HIVE, I have the badge in my sidebar with a link to their site. It's brand new folks. It's a wonderful group of people who are creative and do lots of different things with their skills and talents. Artists who skills I marvel at, hobbyist like myself, and manufacturers and other professionals. There's beading, scrap booking, woodworking, ceramics and more. Lots of categories growing daily to accommodate lots of interests.

The site is fun, it's easy to use and everyday I make another connection, enjoy reading a blog I might not have found otherwise, and learn something new along the way. The problem I may have is spending too much time there because it's just plain fun! And, the other item I should warn you about is a growing list of things you might want to make when see the wonderful things other people are doing; you'll want to do them too. But, having said all that, I still encourage you to pop over, tell em Sandy sent ya. I love making connections and bet you will too.

The above scarf is one I made while traveling in Colorado about a month ago. It's knitted, a first for me with a lacy pattern. The yarn is cotton and I think will serve nicely for a summer scarf. Often air conditioning can be chilling to this old neck of mine, so when out at night a little something is beneficial. You might remember when I started this lace scarf.


  1. Beautiful scarf. I love that color. What's the brand and color name if you remember? It seems lately I've been running into patterns that need cotton yarn.

  2. Thanks Sandie, I've got to try and find what the yarn was. Can't seem to find where I listed it, will sing out when I find it. I LOVED working with this yarn. The feel is awesome, it's not heavy like some cotton's can be.

    I tell hubby this is my signature color in the summer. lol

  3. You're a person with a big heart that does a lot for charities! Thanks for your donation to Marine Corps Kids! Everything is wonderful!

    Love the new scarf!

  4. Glad to know the donation got to you Wormie. Thanks for compliment on the scarf. I wished I'd kept (like I usually do until I record it somewhere), what type of yarn I used.

  5. I love the cheerful color of the scarf!

  6. Hi, Sandy! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Hope you looked around a bit and enjoyed it. That's a really nice scarf, but I was surprised when I read that it was knitted instead of crocheted because it looks a lot like the "Orphan Scarf," a crochet pattern by Doris Chan. You can see lots of them on Ravelry.com if you are familiar with that site.

    Just wanted to stop in and say hello. Happy Crocheting!

  7. What a lovely scarf! If you like, come visit my blog. I have a Link Party there very Saturday. You can post a picture of something you've made and add a link to you blog. I would love it if you'll add something!

  8. Hello, what a lovely scarf that is. I do wish I could knit more than the most basic of stitches.
    Thank you for the lovely comment. I sewed the strips together using a whip stitch (I think). I used a matching yarn so that it was almost invisible.
    I hope you have a good weekend.

  9. I love the cheerful color of the scarf!


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