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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Flush Party, Remembering You, Mommy

gravestoneI've not shared the picture of this stone before. It's my Mother's and Dad's stone. You can see by the date if Mommy were still living she would be 82 today. This is the 2nd birthday she's not been with us. This stone is in the family plot in Chillicothe, Ohio; though Mom is still with Daddy at home. He'll have fresh flowers for her today, beside her urn and naturally be melancholy all day. The inscription, "Together Forever" is so true in their case.

Anniversary Party Family PictureThis photo, a far happier time, though sadly not a good photo. Left to right, younger brother Mike, Mom, Me, Daddy, older brother Chuck. This photo was taken in 2007 at their 60th Wedding Anniversary. I remember her this way smiling. We had many wonderful times together, fun times, funny times; and it's always those times that I remember most.

pottyAnd this potty picture reminds me of one of those funny times. Some of you know I've been posting stories and memories from time to time, alphabetically. This then is a funny story for my P memory.

The family used to camp, tent camp. We didn't use electric and many of the camp grounds in those days were pretty primitive. I would about bust a gut waiting- waiting- and waiting to go potty, couldn't even use some of the awful roadside potty's in those days. So Mom and I would get really really excited IF we had flush potties where we camped. On one family camping trip we were driving through an area to decide if we wanted to stay there; when Mom and I jumped out of the car, RAN inside to the bathroom and flushed every john in site! We got to giggling and told everyone we were having a flushing party. Dad was still in car when he heard all the commotion and laughing and wondered what in the world we were up to. We explained, "we're having a flushing party!" So, Mom when I saw this plastic covered potty seat in an airport recently, naturally I got my camera took a picture, AND thought of you. Somehow I think you were there laughing at and with me all the while.

Love you Mommy

My alphabetical Memories:

Other Memories:
A=Advice, Afghan, Apples
B=Bread, and Bernie
C=Camping, Creativity and Courage
D=Dancing and Delaware Dam
E=Energy and Etiquette
G=Gown (wedding gown), grape pop
H=Hammocks and Holidays
I=Ice Skating and Isaly's
J=JACKS, Mother and Daughter, childhood games
K=Kindess, something we're taught
L=Love Story
M=Memories, One Year Ago Today (Making Do and Mohican)
N=Noodles Over Niagara
O=Ouija Board Memories
W=Wow Mom, The Wisteria

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