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Thursday, July 08, 2010


Chevy Belair
Sitting here with an ice pack on my knee, and when it's no longer cold will slip on my compression knee brace; I can't help thinking and wishing body maintenance was as easy as quality car maintenance. Now I don't claim to be well versed about things like a brake job, but read when metal hits metal as a result of your rotors and pads being shot you've got a problem. My knee isn't metal on metal, but isn't arthritis bone on bone? Anyway that's how I try to understand complicated car issues. I know if you don't get a brake job when you need it, you have bigger issues.

I have a friend who says her body doesn't work as well in extreme heat as it does other times. In my current state that reminded me of what I've learned reading about Houston Auto Repair. Extreme heat and humidity causes seals to falter, leaks to occur and fuse panels in your car not to work properly. I thought that was interesting and helpful information to have. I poked around further and found you can read what affiliations they have, what type of cars they work on, what they specialize in, how they're rated and get directions to the shop there in Houston. Well not just in Houston, plug in your city and find a reputable auto repair dealer near you. Read the reviews and find car care you can have confidence in.

Think about the time you spend in a car. Seriously; you depend on it to get you to work, to take you shopping, to pick up the kids from school and all their other activities. You depend on it to keep you and your loved ones safe. The health and welfare of your loved ones is important. Help your car take care of your family and friends by keeping it healthy. Take for example an oil change. Did you know that having your oil changed prolongs the life of your car, by removing heat from the internal engine componets to keep the engine "healthy"? Too bad I can't change the oil in my knee to keep it healthy, though the ice pack is removing the heat, lol. I don't understand or want to know much about gaskets, weights of oil or it's viscosity so am thrilled to have someone who knows what their doing tend to those important things for me.

Whether you drive an Acura TL, or other model car you no doubt have questions from time to time. Maybe you wonder about recalls, of if the problem you're having is a common one for that make and model autombile. By choosing your car, model and year you have at your finger tips a wealth of valuable and helpful information.

The car and I are alike, old and in need of maintenace.


  1. I hear you girl....my knees and my hips oh my...notices alot these past few days...I don't know if was the a/c, or the heat...I am thinking a/c because of the heat. I put a heating pad on it at night and it stops for a while...anyway..

    Hope you are feeling better...

  2. Truer words have never been spoken! If it wasn't for these guys, my car would be done and so would my feet from all of the walking I'd have to do!


  3. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Like how you related the car to personal health. Something we can all relate to.

    Must make a note of these webpages, what great information.

    Thanks for the inforamtive post



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