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Monday, July 19, 2010

Helping Women with choice of Yarn

knitted scarves
These were fun to make, love the colors and feel. You might remember me blogging about this yarn HERE. You can read about yardage, cost and how the money goes for a good cause. These are fun skinny summer scarves, great to add a little interest to a plain colored top, cover the neck when a.c. hits it and bothers your arthritis and well...just to spruce up the night.

These were made while vacationing in Colorado, and on the plane coming and going. Great to have small projects for trips.

Nice also to have some small projects to work on inbetween larger projects like the 2 ghans I'm working on for Homeless Charities.

Also wanted to let you know you can win some FREE YARN, as I'm sponsoring a contest over on Bridge and Beyond to celebrate a 200th blogs posts that's up and coming. Please hop over and read all about it, get yourself entered and feel free to spread the word about the cause and the contest!


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  2. when I get comments like above I wonder if someone just has poor English or if it's spam. And if spam, to what end? Thoughts

  3. You are lucky. I wish I could travel, and crochet. But, nope. I get motion sickness. I simply cannot do both. Which sucks, because today, I am in the car 6 hours, going to Paso Robles. It would be nice to work some on a project.
    PS- I like your blog.


  4. I can't travel and do anything but look straight ahead...you're lucky!

  5. Ya!I just wanted ot say a massive thank you for putting this post up. I really enjoyed it, very interesting. The video was really great o see.
    Thank you once again


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