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Sunday, June 07, 2009


I showed you the inside of one of these Iris a few posts back, but wanted to show you a large group of them in bloom. They're done now, and actually I just finished trimming them today. These line all 3 fence rows in the back, plus the 2 sides of the house. All are from starts from Mom and Dads yard years ago that I've continued to separate and plant and plant and plant. So...it seems those of you who voted on which badge to use for my blog....hit it right on the head.

We've had a very busy couple of days. Many of you will remember my niece Janet, who had cancer and spent such a long time in the hospital etc. She and her mother came for a visit a few days ago. She looks great, feels great. Was wonderful to see her again. She's now on her way traveling to Switzerland! A summer study abroad type program. How awesome is that. One day a group of us went to The Arts Fest here in town...it was hot but we had a great time anyway. Walked alot and then collected up with the rest of the family that evening for a cook out after SIL picked up the ladies from the Spa. More fun. Then while the men went fishing, some of us spent the day at the zoo with my oldest nephews's son. Great fun...another hot day for sure; but hadn't been to the zoo in a long time so really enjoyed it.

Today..........spent time trying to finish up some stuff in the yard, while hubby played golf, and well thats about it. I'm tired.

Hope you all had a fabulous wkend and have a good week planned.

I've made several updates over on the Bridge, so please stop in to see the wonderful projects. Finally I was able to finish a project...really the first yarn since Mom's passing. I'm still having a hard time getting motivated to knit and crochet again. Though I did spend time the other day organizing my office and got yarn also organized. Perhaps that will help.

Take a virtual trip with me on my travel blog, I've updated there as well.


  1. The iris are beautiful! And yes, WHEW is a good way to sum up the past couple days. We DID have fun though, didn't we? Hot though it was, the art fest and the zoo were both great. Just think of the exercise we got!

  2. The iris is lovely flowers are so peaceful they emit a wonderful peace and the smell of flowers is wonderful.

    Dorothy from grammology


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