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Monday, June 15, 2009

Memories, Like The Corners of My Mind

Can you hear Barbara singing? It's Monday, time to share another memory with you. The letter F....not the easiest to think of a word; but it hit me. Friday.

When I was in junior high (what people today call middle school), we often had school dances on Friday night. I loved going and would talk about them the week before. Who was going with whom, what dresses people were wearing etc. Definately girl talk. Mom sometimes had fabric tucked away and would wake me earlier than I wanted to get up on a Sat the week before the dance. "You know, I've got this fabric and could probably make you a new dress for the dance; if I didn't have to spend time ironing or cleaning."

Hook....lol, yep. I'd get up and do the cleaning or ironing she needed done so she could sit at the sewing machine. Crafty wasn't she?

**It occurs to me this ongoing ABC memorial I'm doing for my Mother is something you could all do with your children. It might help them if you've lost a family member (pet or person). It's a nice way to remember the good times and not focus on the ending of things, which is rarely the part of someone's life we want to remember.


  1. Oh Sandy ,
    I guess I forgot to email you and thank you for my blog award you gave me personally , I did thank you on my blog when I posted the award .Forgive me and I apologize.
    I am grateful and honored that you gave it to me.

  2. That's a great story about your mom when you were growing up. Your memory posts are very enjoyable. I feel like I am getting to know your mom through your memories.

    I saw your comment about the award. Thank you again for giving it to me. I did post about it at the beginning of June, and I passed it along to 7 of my favorite bloggers.

  3. Hi Sandy,

    Thanks for your comment over at my blog. Life has been crazy and I have too many places to post, so that is one of the things falling behind :)

    These posts you have been doing are beautiful and I have enjoyed reading all of them.

    As for what's going on -- the Regional Contest has started...if you feel like it, I'm sure Team Ohio would love to have you. They have been working hard!


  4. She sounds tricky, but in a good way. Nice you have these memories, and yes I can hear Barbara singing.

  5. Anonymous9:17 AM


  6. You are so right...what a good way to remember the past.
    Isn't it funny that letters of the alphabet can help sooth grief and ease pain through forgotten memeories that were locked in your mind?

    Great idea.

  7. great memories! I have lots of those of my dad...but am making new ones because my little one is sooo much like my dad! Thanks for stopping by, as far as the blog, I wanted something a little funkier, a little more me :D

  8. This is such a nice way to pay tribute to someone! It some ways it might be a challenge & it other ways I'm sure that it's refreshing to re-live the good & happy times! Thanks for sharing.


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