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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Did you know?

Did you know when you leave comments on others blogs it helps your page rank? I didn't know that until today. I read a couple of interesting articles. Actually had to read them several times, cause I didn't completely understand initially. I knew I like to read blogs, and always always leave comments. How else is someone to know I was there. Or that I had an opinion of whatever it was they blogged about? Or that I liked their project, or their photo etc. etc. etc.

AND....don't we all love it when people leave us comments, and isn't it the back and forth part that makes blogging interactive and fun, and more than just a webpage? Well, yes I imagine everyone is nodding their heads in agreement on this.

Anyway, the articles went onto explain how bots, crawlers, spiders pick up on the comments, just as they do the content of the page; and that is another component of the google page rank. I never knew that, maybe you all did. However, pages often have blockers in them in the html blog page codes/templates that prevent them from being scanned by the blots, crawlers, and spiders. This was apparently initially done with the idea it would help people fight spam. But, it didn't-- so people have the option as to how open they make their blogs, whether or not they want those type these letters in (which I always have trouble seeing and have to type twice) anti spam thing with comments, or moderate their comments etc.

So, when you see one of these logo's/widgets or some such wording (which I've seen alot and never really understood), it means people have gone to the trouble of changing their html so when you leave comments it matters, not only to them; but to you. Nice hun! Ok, I successfully did it today on one blog; my traveling suitcase blog. Whew...it was a bit tedious. Tomorrow I'll have a look at the coding here and see how this one is set up. As I understand it, having them blocked is often the default setting. My eyes are sorta glazed over at the moment, and we're heading out to dinner to celebrate our 37th Wedding Anniversary at our favorite Italian place.

Please let me know if you knew this, I really found the articles facinating.

Happy Father's Day tomorrow to all the Dads that might be visiting.


  1. I didn't have a clue!

  2. TY for sharing, had no idea. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. Hi Sandy! I did not know this and still am not sure I understand the process. But I love to get and give comments. :-)

    A very Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby. What a wonderful thing to be married so long to the same sweet man. Congrats!

  4. Happy Anniversary to your and your hubby.
    I did not know this and still its Greek to me.
    There is a lot I am sure we don't know about hat goes on on our computers.

  5. I don't think I even understand what you just said! Wanted to wish you a happy anniversary though, and tell you that even though I don't often comment, I follow your blog on google reader, and always read your posts.

  6. Well now...Happy 37th anniversary.....and MANY
    more...to come....I hope you had a loverly time
    with your special sweety.....

    I didn't know about the comments either...I like
    to let folks know I stopped and paid a visit...
    it is the blog "neighborly" thing to do....and it is what makes it so fun...That is how I met
    you...you were my "first"....how's about that?

    That HTML stuff.....COMPLICATED!!!!!!!!!!!! it
    will take me awhile to grasp that...when the time is right...



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  8. Hi Sandy - Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! I also didn't know about getting a better rank by leaving more comments. Very interesting!

    As you can see, I'm still around just busy doing some remodels on our house. Living in chaos is not my idea of fun ....

  9. Happy Anniversary from me, too! Sorry I'm a few days late - it was a very busy weekend and I wasn't online much. I didn't realize that leaving comments would improve my page rankings either. I'm trying to be better about leaving comments, but it's tough when I only have an hour or so on the computer each morning to do so. But I know that it does make blogging more fun.

  10. Hi Sandy,

    I love to leave comments too.. and thanks for telling me that it helps in the PR. I honestly didn't know..

    Also, thanks for dropping by my blog and for your kind words and advice. I appreciate it.. :)

  11. Happy 37th Anniversary.. I knew some of that. I have several page rank tools on mine..however I find not very people leave comments, except when I do Meme's. I try to do one a week just to get the page rank up:-)
    I tagged you on my blog.. drop by and play...Your it:-)


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