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Friday, April 10, 2009

Comfort Care, Do Not Resuscitate

After my last post, thngs continued downward. Her breathing was labored, shallow, vitals all over the place in both directions high and low. Blood sugars irratic, pain level increasing, flow from the chest tube very minimal to where they decided to remove it. Feeling that it might help her be more comfortable. The decision made that she was very depressed and in lots of pain and the talk of taking back to ICU only highten that depression. So, family discussion and DNR order written. The doctor felt if the tube went in, it would never come out and thats not what anyone wants. Once the decision was made and she was able to discuss her wishes, see family members she became more calm and that seemed to help her breathing. Changes in her meds with the inclusion of a mood elevator also helped; not only her-- but family as she looked better. The tough part is is it an elusion? Her vitals are better, her breathing was better, they took out the G tube also. Her hemaglobin continued to drop farther and got down to 8 again; 2 more units of packed cells were given. This now makes 12 or 14 units of packed cells she's been given; so clearly the bleeding is still an issue. After the cells are given she has a little more color, a little more energy and her level actually got to 12 one day, the next day it dropped to 11.5, wonder what it will be today. If the count levels out or maintains, they may feel the bleeding is coming under control; but we've been many times before. Confusion and pain increase when hemaglobin drops.

Yesterday, they decided to see if she could tolerate any food. This is the 3rd attempt since surgery 7 wks ago. She had small amounts of hot tea at all 3 meals yesterday with some very thin diluted brooth, a little Italian Icy. She didn't throw up, or have more pain as she has in the past; but it's too soon to tell if her stomach is going to process it this time.

Her partially calapsed lung has worsened in the past 2 days, and yesterday 2 Interns/Residents were talking about chest tubes again. I told them she's already had 3, and I didn't think she'd let them put another one in. They wrote orders for an occlusion dressing at the site of the last chest tube to hopefully prevent air from the outside from entering, feeling that might help the situation. They'll do another chest x-ray today. The other possible reason for the calapsed lung would be a hold in the lung; but that isn't showing up on x-ray.

She's so very tired of this all, depressed. I don't think I can count the number tests, tubes, holes etc. her poor body's been through.

Thanks again to all for your continued support both here via comments, emails etc. I truly appreciate each and every hug, good vib, and prayer.


  1. Im keeping her in my prayers ....god bless

  2. oh my girl...praying for what is best for Mom, and those caring for her. keepin the light on for you...


  3. Sometimes the best thing doctors and nurses can do is let the patient speak for him or herself. You feel so out of control when you are in a hospital bed, and that anxiety can often leave you feeling even worse.

    I think and send good thoughts for you and your family every day. Please take care.

  4. Still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! Sending angel hugs your way!

  5. Angels are always with you, SIL. You are your mother's rock.....

  6. So sorry :( Hope and pray there will be improvement in the days to come. Still keeping you all in my prayers....

    here's a big hug for you {{{ }}}

  7. I'm so sorry to read this. Keeping you, your mom and the entire family in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. Continued prayers for you, your mom, and family. I've been out of town and trying to catch up on what has been happening.


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