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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tribute to Mom........continued

Please flip back for a picture of Mom and the beginning of my tribute...alphabetical in style.

Bread, Mom used to make homemade bread and rolls when we were younger. She often doubled or trippled the recipe. One Sat we were busy working in the kitchen and she had truly undone herself with the number of different items she made. I think she planned to freeze some items, and some were for gifts for a neighbor. However, after all the hard work she realized she'd forgotten to check the date on the yeast. When items came from oven........they were hard as bricks and all had to be pitched. The dates were no good on the yeast. All day long she worked, all that work, the time, the energy, and the cost of the flour etc. She just laughed and said..........that'll teach me to pay more attention. One item she made was a tea ring, seeing one, eating one always makes me think of that Sat. so long ago.
Bernie, a favorite neighbor in our growing up years. Bernie and Mom often shared morning coffee, chatted when they hung clothes on the line, picked up things for each other when a store run took place. Bernie had a daughter, Pam a year younger than me. We were very good friends and the 4 of us would make a shopping venture once or twice a year from our little town of Marion, Ohio to the big city Columbus for the day. That was quite an adventure. We'd leave in the morning, shop, do lunch, shop some more than pick up the car in the parking garage at Lazarus (local store that preceeded Macey's). One day in the garage waiting our turn a little boy handed me peanuts. I'd never had nuts in the shell, and so popped the whole thing in my mouth and began chewing.......everyone got a good laugh out of that. Poor little girl from Hicksville.....live and learn. Bernie passed some time back, bet she and Mom are catching up.

Again my deepest appreciation for all who've visited, left comments, sent emails, left hugs and prayers for Mom and my family. All have been appreciated. I've begun visiting you, my blogging friends; but it may take a little while to reach you all. Please know, even if I've not yet made it to your page to read and see what you're up to; it's not because you've been forgotten.

**Homespun you've left several very nice comments. I am unable to click on your name and go to your blog; please leave contact info when you return.


  1. Most important thing is to get some rest. Eventually you will catch up to everyone's blog. Thanks for another glimpse of your mom.

  2. Thanks for letting us share in your memories. The laughing certainly helps the healing :)

    take care {{{hugs}}}

  3. My Friend....welcome back....what a lovely tribute to your mom...a special lady....
    as are you....

    Rest,and ease back into things...we'll be here
    when you get back....with the light on of course...


  4. What a great sense of humor your mom had. If that had happened to me, I'd have been furious - at myself, of course!

  5. Hey Sandy, Homespun = margie the ladybug...When I sign in to the Homespun Helpers email, which is a Google account, I always forget to sign out and then sign back in with my ladybug account. So you leaving your comment at Margie the Ladybug's account is just fine...comment received :) Sorry about the confusion.

    I was thinking of naming you our next star anyway, but with everything you've been through, I thought it might be a small comfort to know that many people think of you that way - a shining star.

    Big hugs at you.

  6. My "B" for Grandma

    Big Band/boogie - I don't remember when I heard my first record of Big Band music, but I know that it was most definitely at Grandma and Grandpa's house. The two of them would get goofy looks and they'd smile at each other and you just knew they were being transported back to when they'd jitterbug all the time. When I last saw Grandma and Grandpa 'boogie' with one another at Ryan and Heather's wedding I remember almost tearing up a little. It was during the Anniversary Dance and they were only people on the dance floor for 60+ years of marriage, what a feat in today's society!! The way they looked at each other ... like high school sweethearts, was awe-inspiring. When I hear Big Band music now, I always think of Grandma and Grandpa 'boogie-ing' together.

  7. I love the way you're using the alphabet to help you recall memories.....

  8. Sandy, I just finished reading through your last several posts about your mom. My heart aches for what she had to endure, and her family, as well. I'm sorry I wasn't reading your blog during that time, to know and to pray. I will pray for your comfort as you adjust to life on earth without your mom in it. I'll also pray for your dad, that he can find hope and joy in living a life without his bride.

  9. Thank you!!!!! I promise to stay off my blogs for a bit!!!!!

  10. In answer to your comment....YOU ARE RIGHT!!! My fingers are crossed for Monday!

  11. SIL...You deserve this award more than anyone I can think of...Please click on the link below and then click on the badge on my blog to pick up your award. Hugs, Me


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  13. Looks like Blog Catalog might be a good thing.

    We need more of your alphabet memories...I love them....

  14. BIG HUGS and love being sent your way. Glad that you're back. It is good that you are writing about your mom. I am beginning to feel like I've know her personally. Thank you for sharing with us.

    More HUGS


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