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Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Tribute to My Mother!

This photo was at my Mother's 80th birthday party last summer. This was before things went bad for her. She was able to get around, though a bit limited due to the knee pain. She was happy here, and this is the way I choose to remember her. Happy! Her life after this was a downward spiral that soon was completely out of control. I do miss her; but am so relieved to know she is once again Happy and pain free, no more suffering.
The alphabet begins with the letter A
Three words come to mind that start with the letter A that apply and bring back memories of Mom.
ADVICE, Mom gave me some really good advice when I got married, never go to bed mad. Just after her decision to be done with the tests, the tubes etc, she gave this same advice to my youngest nephew (her youngest grandson). He's a newly wed, and she told both of them these were her words of wisdom.
AFGHAN, Most of you know I knit and crochet and have made hundreds of afghans. Some were wedding gifts, some Christmas presents, some for new babies, but mostly my afghans have been donated to various charities over the years. From here forward, each and every afghan I make will keep her memory alive. Her gift to me was teaching me the very rudamentary stitches so very long ago.
APPLES, Mom and Dad had a tradition of picking apples in the fall and dividing them among us kids. It's been a few years since Mom was able to walk well enough to do that; but fresh picked apples and apple cider in the fall.........this too is a fond memory I'll have of her.
(I've got several afghans in the works right now, way behind working on them. But, when I do get back to it, rest assured she'll be with me. I have 2 knitted baby blankets in the works, one children's afghan, an afghan for a coworker, a Christmas afghan for the family exchange for Christmas 09.)
Many many thanks for all the nice comments and emails, the hugs, the prayers. They are all very much appreciated.


  1. Thank you so much for posting the picture of your mom. Of course, she was in my prayers while so ill and it is nice to see her obviously very happy. You are very fortunate to have had such a nice mom.

  2. I'm so glad that you can find comfort in your memories.
    My mother was always famous for her apple pies...they were the best. Well, I found my mothers rolling pin and her "pet" knife (while clearing out Dad's apartment)which I used to make our apple pie for Easter. It was the best pie I have ever made and I think it was because she was right there with me this time :)

    hugs {{{ }}}

  3. What a lovely post, SIL. I think we should save this one in print and share it with others in our family later. Hugs from Me.....

  4. Sandy,

    I crochet in honor of my grandmother -- my last time spent with her was her trying to teach me. It is always a joy to me to be able to work in that craft, sometimes with her tools.


  5. Nice memories you have of your Mother Sandy and a very nice way to share them with others.


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