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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's all about Blue

Blue Feather and Fan Knitted Scarf is growing. Not yet used the first cake of yarn. Will have to see how big/long it is when I finish using the first cake to decide whether or not to continue with the 2nd one. It might actually be large enough. Dress scarves I tend to like a bit shorter, might not want to double up around the neck since it's lighter weight and dressier?
A quick no think'em project. Straight garter stitch, continuing the blue theme. Knitting a nice wide scarf for Bridge and Beyond from donated yarn.
Blue-ish cotton (Lilly's) will be a washcloth. Pattern is a scallop...really haven't done more then cast on, work a few rows, frog, switched to different needles for row 1 again....Might have to purchase another pair of needles, different size, believe I need size 7 vs 8 in above picture.
And yes, my bike is a work in progress. This Blue Schwinn Breeze dates from 1968-1972, according to the Schwinn website. In fact, this particular blue bike was made in June of 1971, according to the chart I found using it's serial number. I've not had the bike that long, bought it when my DD was in grade school in a garage sale. We used to ride alot. In fact, I even packed the basket with my Welcome Wagon goodies and my rounds using this very bike. Yes, I am dating myself....I was a Welcome Wagon Lady for several years. The bikes been in the garage and or the shed. We pulled it out, I washed it and used chrome cleaner and it looks pretty darn good, considering. Peals are rusty, as it the chain area. Hubby says he'll get around to cleaning and oiling that part.......sometime. I wanted a more cushy seat and hand gripes so we purchased those new and they are installed.
Then I decided it would be fun to have a spedometer and ordered one of the cheaper ones on line through Amazon. Gotta love Amazon. This baby tells how far I went, how fast I was going, time of day and average speed etc. How fun. Gotta get in shape and so had just gotten back from a ride when I took this picture. Road to the grocery store 3.5 miles and hit 11.6 miles an hour, lol. The work in progress is me getting in shape, and hubby oiling it to make it work better. Stay tuned.

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  1. I like the feather and fan scarf, as the colors are so vibrant.

  2. I really love your scarves. Question: Any knitting I have done I have done on straight needles. But I purchased a circular needle because I found a knitted Hat Pattern I thought I could master. The circular needle feels so stiff that its hard for me to work with. Does it ever loosen up?

  3. Nice projects! Especially that bike!

    I found you through WIP Wednesdays. Here is my project of the week: http://likemamalikedaughter.blogspot.com/2012/04/how-to-tuesday-bunnys-birthday-dress.html

  4. Love the scarves and you are making great progress on them.
    Love your bike and best of luck getting into shape. :)

  5. I love your scarf; I'm working on one when I have time. I'm making mine from tiny flowers, I saw the movie Bright Star, and absolutely adored the sweater show wore, and so I've decided to begin small and make a scarf out of flowers.

    My work in progress is an Amineko. I should be completed by tomorrow (if I don't get it done today). Naturally my eight-year old daughter is excited, since I'm making it for her. :)

  6. Blue Blue Blue is my favorite color. I need to get in shape and pull out the bicycle. I really love to ride a bike. I just don't have the energy to do it these days.


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