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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Sandy's Sunday Projects

Beach Ball isn't finished, but it's close. I had hoped to finish it yesterday; but took time out for yard work. Only one more seam needs to be crocheted before I start the border. Ratted around in my stash this am to see if I had turquoise yarn...yippee, found a partial skein that matches. Needed to see what I had before I could decide on the type of border. With any luck at all, I'll finish this today. Maybe even get it laundered so I can lay it out to block.

Please to say, I also made headway (about double I think) with my Blue Feather and Fan Scarf. This is the yarn, by the way that I had started several scarves with some time back. It was in fact on the list, then got removed and replaced with a green scarf I made for my darling daughter........so, quess I'll add Awesome Blue Scarf back on the YOP list.

Doubt much will get done this week on anything involving yarn. A very long work week awaits me. Happy stitching one and all. YOP updated list in the tab across the top of the blog, and badge and link for YOP linky party in the right sidebar.


  1. Beach Ball is looking so pretty and I know what you mean about outside work getting in the way of anything crafty.
    Hope this week isn't to busy for you and I love your scarf, the blue is gorgeous.

  2. Love beach ball, I like the pale edging, it really sets it off with a fresh look.

    Hope your work week isn't too heavy and you get some space for things you enjoy.

  3. Everything looks great. Good luck on the finishing!

    I think this is a busy week for most...I know I'll be busy getting ready for Easter.

    Have a good week :)

  4. Does it mean that the economy is approving if everyone says and feels how busy things are at work? I hope so! The beach ball blanket is so very cheerful!

  5. The beach ball blanket is so summery and cheerful! It has the perfect name and I'm sure it'll be appreciated. :)

  6. Sandy,
    To answer your question....my scarf is shizuku :)


  7. Two very nice projects....don't know why but the afghan reminds me of cotton candy! lol

    Hope your week isn't too terribly bad.

  8. Thanks all for your visits and comments, both are appreciated.

    Thanks hakucho for the pattern link, saved it in my library. Gotta give that one a whirl.

    Sherry, cotton candy..I can see that with the colors.


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