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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yikes, What is this? Don't go Barefoot!

One evening a few weeks back hubby and I were walking out through the backyard with cocktail in hand to reconnoiter the flower beds; as we often do after a day of working in the yard. It's sometimes to admire our work, sometimes to plan what to do next. Hubby often doesn't have shoes on at this point. Me, I'm rarely without them. This pictures shows you why. Seriously I happened to look down and saw this big ugly thing. I think if you stepped on it those pinchers could do some damage. It was about 2 inches long and gave me the creeps. I went in the house to get my camera and hubby's shoes. I wasn't about to step on this wearing sandals--to much of a chance it still might get my toes or something. So, I took it's picture then waked it good a couple of times with hubby's shoes. It wasn't all that easy to kill either. Then scoped it up and tossed it way behind the shed. Maybe it'll be food for some of the critters.

You see anything like this in your yard? Any thoughts what this ugly things was?

I'm gonna pick up some yarn now and make some yoyo's. I've not made or donated these little buggers (lol, couldn't help myself) before; but am currently in a bit of a funk about what to work on; so this mindless but useful item seems like a good idea. I'll be using R,W, and Blue variegated for Fisher House.


  1. No clue what this is...2"? I don't think it is a cicadia..they have such a pretty sound. It is a pretty color..rather burgundy...YoYO? What is the pattern for said yo yo? Have a nice day...and good w/e.

  2. Yiiiiikes! It would be horrible to step on one of those little beasties.

  3. That's some kind of big @$$ beetle but I've never seen any that big around here. You can keep them! But then again, we get big creepy spiders. I don't want them either.

  4. http://bugguide.net/node/view/5501
    I think it is this: a giant Stag Beetle. I never knew there were so many Beetles! We have these too.

  5. Without seeing antennae I wouldn't say it's a stag beetle but rather a ground beetle with some massive jaws. It could be a stag beetle though, they're just less common here.


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