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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Protect Yourself

old postal boxes

Daily in the news you read and hear about someone's personal identity being stolen. This happens in every corner of the country in lots of different ways. One way people have their identity stolen is through our mail. Not our hard working mail carriers, but through information in our mail. Think about the variety of mail you receive. Some of the mail has personal details charge card numbers, ages, details about your family, and naturally your name and address.

Is your mailbox secure? Some mail boxes are attached to posts along the street removed from your house, others flemsy little boxes attached to your house, some in common hallways of apartment or condo units. Truly not much security exists to protect you and your family. As you're out driving around doing errands, take notice are the mailboxes you see in secluded areas, perhaps even partially covered by pretty landscaping? Some may even be locked, but how easy is it to pry open?

If you're concern about your mailbox being secure, I encourage to click on any of these links. You'll find a huge selection of style, color, and price. You can select a mail slot, box for post, one attached to your house, single or group boxes. You can even custome design and personalize your secure high quality mailbox and feel better about the protection you're affording yourself and your family.

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  1. Interesting idea. Ours is about a quarter mile down the driveway from our house. We are out on a country road with only one other house in this area, and our dogs always let us know if someone is down there, but still, I rarely get up to find out what's going on... Grammy


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