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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Help, PLEASE Opinions Needed for Orphan Scarf

knitted pinkpurple scarfTrying to decide where this scarf should go. You might also see the yarn texture better Here. This yarn was donated and therefore should be donated to a worthy cause; I'm just in a bit of a debate and need opinions. It's light weight, soft and pretty. Should I use it for the homeless via Bridge and Beyond? Is it better suited for Compassionate Creations or Threads of Compassion for Battered Women? Or perhaps you have yet a different thought?

The yarn is Italian made, but I've lost the label to tell you what it is. Just need to tuck the end in and it's ready to go...but go where?

Working on a knitted pink corner to corner (probably a baby blanket, depends on size when finished).
Need to find a blanket someone asked me to repair(no clue where I put it)
Candy Corn Ghan, wow it's almost the right season again for this long standing WIP
Opal Ghan (having a hard time gearing up for this), heavy and hard to work on it; but it's been a WIP too long.
**Added to my stash yesterday and really want to do something with it**, lol shhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell I bought more.


  1. I vote for the "battered women". Nice scarf.

  2. Thanks Joansie, I'm leaning that direction too.

  3. My first thought was breast cancer patients because of the pink, but I think Threads of Compassion is a wonderful organization and could certainly make good use of such a pretty scarf.

  4. This scarf would be put to good use in either venue. Wonderful.

  5. threads of compassion

  6. Thanks all for your input, I addressed pouch and it will go for battered women through Compassionate Creations.


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