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Friday, August 27, 2010

I love a Good Vera Bradley Sale

Vera Bradley SaleGot this order a while ago, took the picture but forgot to post. I am not a shopper. I do not like to shop, except for yarn. But, shopping on line suits me fine and dandy. All of these prints are the older prints and therefore they are actually reasonably priced. I refuse to buy a full price new print bag. This though was a good haul. It was $101. and some odd cents. AND free shipping. The order needed to be $100.00 to get the free shipping. lol 3 purses and 2 glass holders. The purse on the far right is a print my daughter likes and so I shipped it to her. It's also a smaller bag which I believe is what she told me she liked. The glass holders I needed but was surprised. The blue and green one is called sunglass case and really is a nice size (I can put 2 pair in there). It's zippered and I wish I had gotten 2 in that style. The black and gold one is titled double, and is suppose to hold 2 pair...........NO WAY. In fact one large pair barely fits. I should probably return it, but don't want to hassle with it. Would not order that style again.

The blue and green bag in the middle, I'm test driving. It's a bit smaller than I thought by looking at it on line, it's well made and has a couple of features they don't have in the other bags which I like...double zipper, and a clip for your keys; but all the slots inside are too small. This was the original purse/bag. Perhaps a cell phone fit back when they were smaller and flip phones were in?

The primary bag I wanted is the black and brown one, called The Morgan. I have this style and LOVE it. Bought it while vacationing in Hilton Head at 50% off....once again because it's an older print. The bag isn't really large, but holds alot. I love the 2 large slanted outside pockets which are actually big enough to hold a water bottle.


  1. Nice bags! Can't go wrong with Vera Bradley.

  2. I so agree Joansie, in fact almost ordered several more the other day cause they had free shipping again; but stopped myself. Decided I didn't need more, right now anyway. lol


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