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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Ending of a Season

white lillies
orange double lilliesThe ending of the summer season is upon us. Groaning big time here. Yeah, I know it's been hotter, more humid then normal and people have really complained. But, you know what comes next? Fall, gray colorless days once the flowers and leaves are gone. And then the real ugliness will be here. Short dark days, cold days, wet days, icy and snowy and dangerous days.

These beauties are already gone from my yard; but I want to enjoy them more so have posted them here to share with you. I've already cut all the dead brown stuff, or almost all. I've worked out there about 6 different times now. I do try to break it up as it's hard on the body. Hubby's made multiple trips to the dump with the debries. Each trip he's taken several of the largest trash cans full plus 2 to 3 bags. I have alot. In the back yard I have 3 large fence rows to trim and weed. That's about 99% done. Around the back of the house (which I've not yet started) is quite a bit; then there's the 2 sides of the house. Might do one side today. Though this is a scheduled post so by the time you read it, hopefully I've gotten more done. Can't do the 2nd side though, don't want to disturb Momma Bird. Looking out one of the kitchen windows the other day hubby noticed Momma Bird right up by the house. I wish I could get close enough for a picture. Hum....maybe I'll try. Let you know how that goes.

This is WIP (works in progress) s of the writing of this blog post:
Opal Ghan (crocheted)
2 scarves (knitted)
Candy Corn Ghan (crocheted), longest wip I've ever had
**repairing 2 ghans


  1. Hi Sandy, you've been keeping busy. The flowers you posted are lovely. I'm a fan of lillies. Take care....

  2. Hi Sandy! I've just posted the pattern of the crochet heart on my blog. I thought you might be interested in trying.

  3. I couldn't agree more with Annoymous....the lilies are lovely and you certainly do a fabulous job with your yard & crochet work...and it is always a pleasure to blog with you anytime....have a great day...hope you get pics of the momma bird...


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