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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sloushy, Strange Saturday

I Looked down on one of my clumps of Black-eyed Susan's a few days ago. Though I always thought they were all yellow and black, I seem to have a mixed variety. I have one clump slightly lighter orange then this group, one that is orange and yellow in combination. Odd, but interesting. This is the only clump that looks large and health at the moment though. I've weeded around the others carefully, as I think they were getting strangled by a vine. Perhaps they'll do better now.

The title Sloushy, Strange Saturday. It's rainy...AGAIN. My allergies really need a break from this damp weather we've been having. Strange because it's late July and should be sunny and warm, and it's sweatshirt cold, damp, and dark enough to be 9 at night. So much for not using lights during the day to be more "green". You can't see without them on. UGLY!!

Finally gave in and went to the doctor yesterday, since I wasn't making any headway with my normal allergy meds. She says I have fluid in my lungs, gave me an inhaler, antibiotics, and a steroid noise spray. Explains why I've been feeling lousy, and making no headway. Suppose to go to my 40th class reunion tonight. Right now, I really don't feel like it. Takes energy which I don't have to stand, walk around, small talk etc. I get tired just going up and down stairs doing laundry. Hubby and I graduated from HS together, perhaps he'll go on his own and fill me in about who's where doing what. We always enjoy going, nice that we graduated together. Always feel sorry for spouses who don't know the school, class etc. But, I think I'm coughing way too much to go, ears hurt, and the headache now into about it's 8th day. Come out sun, help dry me and the yard up...Please!

**I'm about 3/4th done with a navy blue scarf I've been crocheting for The Bridge and Beyond
****SIL will be disappointed if hubby and I, or hubby doesn't go to the reunion--she graduated with us too; but is competing in a big horse show today and tomorrow.

More flowers
and here


  1. Hope you're feeling better soon!!! Just take it easy and let your body get the rest it needs. If you're not up to it, you can go to the 45th reuninion. :)

    Your flowers are gorgeous! I want to plant black-eyed susans and all sorts of other flowers, but I haven't had the energy this year. Next year the yard/garden will be my big spring/summer project.

  2. Beautiful flowers!!! I hope you feel better soon. Allergies are not fun. Mine are better in Vermont than they were when I was living in Maine.

  3. Sandy I hope you are soon better and back to your bouncing self again.
    Take care thought and drank plenty of liquids . Elsie <><

  4. love those black eyed...have lots of them in my
    yard, they grow in such pretty formed clumps...but never have I seen orange ones...pretty....

  5. hope you feel all better soon..
    Love the flower pics, beautiful..
    Have a great Sunday.

  6. Your weather may be glum, but your flowers are a bright spot! I hope you stayed home. Fluid in your lungs is not to be taken lightly.

  7. Your black eyed Susan's are gorgeous! Sure hope today you are feeling a little bit better. Sounds like you are really sick and not just because of allergies although they do complicate things. I've had pneumonia twice and they think my allergies set me up for it. I've been much healthier since my regular allergy shot regime. Do rest and take good care of yourself. Sit, relax and do lots of happy knitting or crocheting :)


  8. I didn't give the reunion a thought. Just hope you stayed home and got well. I had a feeling you had more than just allergies going on...you got the bug from Ern!

    As for Saturday...trust me, I know how yucky it was. I was out riding in it and WE GOT WET!!!

    Feel better....


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