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Monday, July 06, 2009

Monday, Mutter, Mutter...I've got Question, Do you have Answers?

Started to post this earlier this am, as I was waiting for a delivery of mulch. But, the mulch man came much sooner then I expected and so I didn't get to post. Taking a little break to cool off so thought I'd post now.

Thoughts, mutterings in my mind...and some questions:(hoping to get some of them answered)
  • Why do people have a blog and not allow comments? Or allow comments, but require a signing in? I really hate that; and don't get it. Some are good blogs, I'd like to leave comments on; but I don't want to register.....so I pass them by. But, blogging is about interaction, so why make it difficult for people to interact with you?
  • Why do people only fly their Nations Flag on Holidays?
  • Why do people say, "not to change the subject, but" it always changes the subject, so why do they say that?
  • How does one add a link while making a comment on someone's blog? Anyone know? I've been asking and looking around; but haven't found a solution.
  • How often do you update your blog?
  • How many blogs do you have?
  • I'm still wondering if I'm getting the hang of adding alt text to photo's, anyone else doing this that can let me know if I'm on tract? I'm talking about the alt text you add to identify your photo's to optimize your photo's.
  • I'm continuing to work on the DoFollow, have successfully added the code and believe this is a DoFollow Blog, but am not sure how to test it. Anyone out there using Mozilla FF toolbar that's suppose to aid in doing so? If so could you check and help me understand how to do it? I had the toolbar, but it didn't seem to do anything and so uninstalled it...but am still interested in figuring this out
  • So sad to read about the death on the Disney Monorail over the wkend.
  • Sarah Palin, quitting? How does one just decide not to honor their commitments and in so doing isn't she dishonoring all who voted for her?
  • I've managed to crochet a stack of 6 inch squares that will probably make their way to Pine Ridge Reservation, they're such a good mindless thing to make. And I've managed to start a scarf which when completed will be the homeless over at Bridge and Beyond
And now I fear that huge mound of mulch is still sitting there. Hubby had 10 yards delivered and it pretty well filled up his parking space in the driveway. I've managed to get 3 large flower beds done and am working on the 4th.......though it's a long fence row. Anyone want to come help?

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  1. Thank you for the birthday wishes....I have
    questions of my own I don't get...we should have
    an " I don't get it day" or riddle me this batman day...ha ha... I don't understand why people read your blog, and don't comment at all..but continue to read..why not follow? I try to leave comments and let them know I have stopped by...You are right blog is interactive...why is that so hard? I don't get it...3000 some on my blog, and 11 followers, and
    some days no comments.....nobody have anything to say? Oh well..not to change the subject,
    how about that garden eh? hee hee always nice talking with you...you were my first commenter on my blog...and have a special place
    in my heart....thank you for commenting..if you hadn't....look what we would have missed..being

  2. There are some really good questions there. I don't quite know how to answer them. But some of them I have wondered about myself. You got me wondering if my blog is set up to have the word entered in the comment section. I don't know if it does or not.
    Take care

  3. I liked your questions. Unfortunately, I can't answer any of them. I also wonder why people read but don't comment. Sometimes I do read and don't comment because I really have nothing to say about that day's post. I run Foxfire, bast as for that question Foxfire was the only part I understood. I don't even know how to change the font of my blog or how to add pictures, so I am of no help.
    Your gardens sound wonderful. My husband ordered black dirt one year for our garden. He figured out too much and then we had 3 gardens.

  4. Does one really want to have to read 3000 comments every day? LOL I'd like to have more comments, but I figure everyone is busy and if they're at least reading, that's something. I don't blog for the interaction. I blog for my own record. But I do enjoy the interaction and appreciate those who share by reading and commenting. A media like Facebook or Twitter is more social interaction, real time.

    I don't do the "follow" thing. I add blogs I like to my blogroll. I have followed like 2 people and I never, ever remember to check the follow thing.

    To answer the other questions - I have 2 types of blogs, a personal family one and a craft one. However, I have a few different "versions" at different places that I've tried and only periodically update (Xanga, Wordpress etc). I was so glad when Yahoo decided to get rid of Yahoo 360. It was such a pain because you couldn't delete it.

    I update whenever I have something to say, new projects or whatever. Usually that is no less than once a week and quite often more.

    At one time I had my blog set to approve comments. That was because I was getting spammed. I don't recall choosing the "what letters do you see" but maybe I did? I don't remember how it works. It's to protect you for automatic comments from non-persons as I understand it.

    I don't recall what DoFollow is...

    Sarah Palin - I think she is a very courageous woman, to do what she thinks is right regardless of what the press or anyone else says. I like to think I would do the same. I believe the order should be God, Family, career so I think if she's chosen what is best for her family, and it is also best for the state she serves, go for it. Kudos to her. I don't look at it as quitting. It is a strategic retreat. I think we haven't seen the last of her. Looks like she has also taken care of business and planned for a smooth transition.

    I know I didn't answer everything but I gave it a shot! LOL

  5. Dang it, I need someone smarter, more techy then me to come answer some of my questions. lol

    Yes the words one must type when leaving a comment are suppose to help with spam. You do choose to use them or not in your settings; I don't and only once in 5 years did I have something I needed to delete due to it being inappropiate. I find seeing the words very difficult, so I don't use them; I also think it's slows everything down and am always happy when I hit a blog like mine that doesn't use them. Likewise the approving comments before their posted. Thats a anti spam thing too, again though it slows things down, and you must read and approve everything before hand...not for me. I also think it minimizes the interaction that blogging is. I often read not only the blog post but all the comments made about it and respond to them as well as the post...so if each comment has to approve--you loose that.

    But, my questions weren't about either of those things. My question regarding comments in case someone knows the answer is when typeing in the comment box, how do you make an url an active link? We have no toolbar in the comment area, and right clicking doesn't seem to help. AND why do people have a blog with comments not allowed? Or one you have to join, or subscribe to, or register for?

  6. O dear I can only answer one.
    I have the "approve comments " because it notifies me when some one leaves a comment . If I don't I don't know when a new one is posted.
    Maybe everyone is not as forgettable as me. Age does strange things to me.
    When I upload a picture ,I just click beside it and start writing and bingo ,there it is.(is that what you meant?)

  7. I don't know. I allow anonymous & I don't use the jumbled letters. My blog isn't busy enough to worry about it.

    I have two blogs, one I write on almost daily the other is about a horse with a condition that I update when there is something new to say.

    I think Sarah Palin left her job as governor primarily to be able to spend her time in the lower 48 on the rubber chicken tour. She can earn a lot of money and she can try to position herself for a run at the presidency. If it turns out she quit to be a mother and housewife, I will say my mea culpa.

    I can't answer the rest of the question, neither the rhetorical nor the technical.

  8. I don't know the answers. I do agree that it's nice to get comments, but I don't worry about couting them. I know how busy I am and I figure other people are busy too. It makes me happy to know that people read my blogs...that's enough for me. It makes me even happier if they take a second to check out google adsense!

    Not to change the subject, (LOL) but I do like your cool new widget. It looks good here. I don't think I want it on Animal Talk just yet...maybe later!

  9. Hi Sandy! Great questions! I so agree with you on the first one - the whole blogging thing is about interaction - disabling the comments is lame! So is having to sign up with a service - I won't do it either...
    I can actually answer the question about leaving a link in a comment - you can do it with html code. I will email it to you.

  10. Hi Sandy,

    Thought I'd pop by because I miss you and I've been terrible about posting to any blog really...life has been crazy!

    As for the comments thing, I can tell you that there was a brief period over on livejournal when I left my posts wide open for anyone to comment on, and people would pop by and post mean things anonymously. Once that happened, I got very paranoid about protecting my posts.

    I agree too with the fact that moderating comments lets you know when someone comments. I have always liked livejournal better because you get notified when someone comments on your post or even when someone replies to a comment you left on someone else's blog post...I have to remember to do everything here on blogger and it just has not become part of my ritual. I never even think to follow!

    To do a live link...try this.

    Click here

    You can put whatever text you want where I have "click here." I *think* blogspot will let that work...it's just plain ole HTML code. Let me know if it works :)

  11. Woops! The HTML does work. Okay, this is what I did...

    First you type this (with no spaces between the < and the a): < a href =

    Then you put your URL in " "

    After your URL and the ", you put an >

    After your end carrot, you type in whatever text you want. Click here or something having to do with the URL you want people to click on.

    After your words, do this (with no spaces): < / a >

    If you need more help, let me know :)


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