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Monday, July 27, 2009

Hammocks and Holidays

Oh my, these picture was taken long ago. Remember when we all had little Instamatic cameras and opted for the mat finish? Which doesn't hold up well over the years it seems. It doesn't scan all that well either.

This is Mom with a silly hat on, reclining...relaxing in the hammock with Daddy sneaking up behind the tree. I find this picture funny for several reason. Mom wasn't one to relax all that much, so her laying in the hammock like she has not a care in the world is funny. Actually, they had been working in the yard all day. Their backyard is full of flowers, redbrick walks; quite pretty. It takes lots of work to keep it looking that way. The little boat in the background is the little fishing boat they had. Fishing was their other hobby.

The pretty set table is also from years ago; though a bit more recent than the hammock picture. This is the table before a Thanksgiving, before the family grew to it's present size. Mom always decorated so pretty for the holidays. The table at Thanksgiving was always well appointed with a beautiful linen table cloth and napkins, special china and silver, and stemware. The silver was family silver several generations old, so was the stemware. For many years we used the family china, hand painted and handed down through the generations. But, as the family grew she opted for the white stoneware china that could be put in the dish washer. The hand painted china was fragile (not good when grandchildren were young and running about).

Mom made all the holidays special, special family time.

These are 2 memories that come to mind for the letter H, for my Memory Monday as I remember Mom.

The letter G (gowns)


  1. You are truly fortunate. This coming from a gal whose mother never baked a cake, had anyone over for dinner, made brownies, etc. I had to rely on my wonderful aunt for all those nurturing things.

  2. Lovely sweet memories. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. The table setting is so beautiful. I don't know why, but I love that kind of thing. (Maybe since I used to set tables at a hotel?...) Very nice.

  4. Oh yes... How I remember those cameras. When I was Jr. High Sch. The first thing on my Christmas List was a " KODAK INSTAMATIC " LOL I think I still have it packed away.

    Very nice Blog.



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