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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Working on Arapahoe

 These are strips that were donated through Bridge and Beyond.  Almost got all the edging done and will start assembling soon. I'm edging them with light gray.  Once it's assembled I'll see if I need to add to the two sides for additional width prior to doing the final border.
Strips vary just a bit in length, and might need a little coaxing here and there; but I think it will come together just fine.  These strips weren't made to come together as 1 afghan; but to me it looks like they were.  I like how it looks and believe the name my Darling Daughter came up with as we designed together over Christmas vacation is perfect.

Like 99% of the afghans you see here, this will be donated for Project Welcome Home, when a family transitions from shelter living to permanent housing.

Work In Progress Badges and Links in Meme Tab on the top of the blog.  Please join us, it's great fun seeing how creative people are with their projects.  This isn't limited to knitting and or crocheting, by the way. (wipw meme experiment, 12+8)


  1. The grey works well! Glad all our designing went well!

  2. Me too DD, Christine. Thanks for all your help. Miss you.

  3. Hi Sandy Happy New Year, Lilac's are so lovely too, another of my favorites, along with Pussywillows and Forsythia's....we don't landscape professionally, can't afford it,and wouldn't if I could. Chemicals...not good for us or nature..makes me wonder why people have to have "perfect" or better than...keeping up with the Joneses
    in the 2000 I guess. Thanks for stopping over and the vintages are the best...

  4. Lovely strips! Best of luck on assembly! I'm not sure I could do a strip style blanket since assembly is my least favorite part but it gives a great texture. Love the ministry of donating blankets to families in transition!

  5. This is so lovely. The strips and edging go well together to form the whole. Whoever receives this should be well pleased.

  6. Thanks Marie and Paulineknit for your sweet comments on the work, and thanks Faith for the visit

  7. Hi Sandy! Just LOVE this. Such soothing colors. You've inspired me again. ;)

  8. I've liked all of your blankets, but this one has to be my favorite! I agree that the colors definitely work well.

  9. Thanks so much Flamingo and Pumpkin, such lovely comments.


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