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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Library and Green Calling out to my Darling Daughter

This pattern is one I've had in my library for quite a long while.  Kept thinking I'd make one for myself and my DD....fast forward.  Decided when I saw this perfect green that it would be great for my Darling Daughter.  Green is her signature color.  Spotted the yarn a short time before Christmas and decided to wrap it as is...make sure she liked it and then make her the sweater wrap.  Bought the 2nd pair of needles I needed...as the pattern calls for 2 sizes and I only had one on hand.  Now, I need to get going on it.

My DD is an avid reader, has been since she first learn to read the cereal box ....back in the day, and so when I spotted this meme, Love you Library, knew I had to participate.  Late though as I didn't find the meme until after the first of the month, and once I found it....took me awhile to get my post up.

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  1. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Love that color. Green it my signature color too (^_^).



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