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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Start, finish and Continue Crocheting and Knitting.

Arapaho Afghan here right after finishing it.  It's being displayed on the sofa in the condo while we were vacationing in Hilton Head.  It traveled from Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina into South Carolina and was worked on all along the way.  This picture is before it was laundered and blocked.  Made from donated stripes through Bridge and Beyond.  Once it's laundered (being done as we speak), it will require blocking and then will be donated to Homeless Families Foundation through my charity, Bridge and Beyond. 
 This afghan also made from donated strips also made the same journey; though it wasn't assembled in the car throughout the states as Arapaho was.  I started working on this one after we arrived and completed the previous one.  It's in the works here before adding necessary width and prior to being named.
 Here it is again, back home in Ohio after the additional inches were added to the width by way of border using the 3 colors shown above.  This has now been named Desert Rose after some voting over on Bridge and Beyond.  This also is in the works of being laundered and blocked.  Believe this one will require pinning even when it's being blocked.  They don't always, but with the wider border on it's edge you note some curling.  I do think the size is better after adding the border and belief it will lay appropriately after some major blocking. 

And still in the works, though farther along is Sea and Sand.  You've not seen this one since November.  It now has 2 additional sections done.  Am currently working on the last of the light gray sections.  The light gray sections are the largest sections so I feel like I'm making some reasonable headway.

The first 2 afghans are crocheted from donated stripes, the 3rd afghan is one I cast on quite some back.  Knitting a large feather and fan style afghan does take time.

I've not done anything with the traveling scarf, even though it too made the journey (just as 3 afghans did); nor did I work on my belated Christmas Gift for DD which was noted here on the Love Your Library Post.  It is on my YOP list in the form of something for DD.  Though it turned into a sweater from a scarf.........much bigger project.

YOP meme, badge, and list found in tab above.

Brief summary:
8 of the 10 afghans completed from donated squares/strip
no progress on cotton washcloth or cable skirt for self
no progress on blocking cable scarf and blue scarf
Christmas project for DD changed from scarf (almost done) to Green Sweater, not yet cast on.  Probably going to frog scarf.


  1. Really love both afghans fors Bridge and Beyond and I'm sure Desert Rose will sit perfectly when blocked. Really love Sea and Sand, its good to see it again and you've made great progress.

  2. I think you must be the only person in the whole world who takes entire afghans along for travel knitting, LOL!

    They all look great although Arapaho is still my favourite!

  3. Thank you Ruth and Minding My Own Stitches, love the visits and comments. Minding...I only get to take the full afghans when we car travel, not when we travel by plane. So...I went prepared. Hubby rolled his eyes.

  4. Beautiful, all of them! You do so much that I feel lazy by comparison! :)

  5. These turned out so nice. Nothing like taking hook n yarn on a road trip...staying warm? It's every bit of winter here in NE ohio...brrr...

  6. Beautiful afghans and what a lot of work you've gotten done. I have a yellow afghan I worked on when I took my parents to Mayo and also when they were hospitalized and now that they're gone I cherish it.

  7. I'm loving all three of these afghans. They make me want to start one of my own but a long list of other things to make first. So many projects ... so little time.

  8. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!!!

  9. You do amazing work, Sandy. My first afghan was a chevron design, so I especially fond of that one :) Stay warm there in chilly Ohio. Hugs, Dear.

  10. Beautiful afghans, as usual. I love the idea of collecting strips, so many people's love went into making those.

  11. Many thanks all for your sweet words of encouragement and for taking time to visit.

  12. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Wow. I bet you've made and assembled enough afghans to cover miles! They are all lovely and it is always pleasure to see Sea & Sand.


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