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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Working on Royalty

royalty ghan Half the squares have been edged, and about 1/3 of the squares have been joined. These squares were donated on Bridge and Beyond and when I'm done assembling them will be donated as a house warming gift through Project Welcome Home. Love these colors together. They do look royal to me. Making good headway this wip.

Working on both Dec and Jan cotton washcloths for DD. Here's December's in the works.
Dec clothLiberty scarf is still in works, though I've not worked on it in a couple of weeks. Awesome Green Scarf (for DD) is coming along; but no progress from last post.

Hope you're all doing well this Wednesday, look forward to seeing all your WIP. See links and badges in sidebar.

Did you see the previous post? Please scroll down, I'm very excited that my charity blog, Bridge and Beyond was featured in the winter issue of Crochet Magazine!!


  1. The Royal is lookin' good. Can't wait to see it finished. You work so quickly. I guess I could too if I'd get off this computer! LOL

  2. Thanks Sandie for your visit and comment. I too need to get off the computer and get some more stitching done. lol

  3. Looks beautiful! Love the colors!

  4. Thanks so much Lee Ann for the visit and the nice comment, both are appreciated.

  5. Royaly is looking great. I really love the colours of the December wash cloth!

  6. I love the colors in the Royalty! Thanks for posting on my blog too! In answer to your question, I am using size US 13 needles - bigger than what is recommended but I wanted it to be light and airy!


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