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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Chipping away at My List of Projects, it's Sunday

Naming this Royalty. I think the purple and gold make it look royal. I think these colors work for men or women and will make a nice family ghan when completed. This is another of the many ghans for Project Welcome Home through Bridge and Beyond. All these squares were donated, I'm edging them in a very dark green and will join them in the same dark green and add a border. Once laundered and blocked it will be donated.
YOP Dec 4-10th

Here's the 8th of 12 cotton cloths for my cotton cloth calendar challenge for my Darling Daughter. This is November's cloth for my Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge. I've already cast on December's, might have enough to show you a picture in a few days. Those left to do are: January, February, and March. Would be nice if I got them all done and could give them to her when I see her over Christmas....but I doubt that's going to happen. Too many other things going on.

Please folks, save time and eye strain, get rid of your captcha. The blogger filter works very well. I just checked my spam folder and deleted 52 comments that did not make it through to the blog. You do not need the captcha. You really don't need it plus moderating comments. Save frustration, save time, save eyestrain. Change your settings. Skeptical...try it a week and you'll see what I mean. Meme's are fun, but visiting everyone is hampered by everyone using captcha's, it really slows down the process.

Things now DONE:
1. Wedding Ghan pictured HERE
2. Oddball blanket (which turned into 2 where I was the border patrol person, Cinco de Mayo and Mardi Gras). Done and Mailed Pictured HERE
then turned into 3 when I started Baby Pink Petuna, HERE...then turned into 4 counting Fruit Salad which is in the works as we speak.
3. Red Scarf No More DONE (donated to Bridge and Beyond) Pictured HERE
4. Pink Poddle Ghan DONE, and donated also to Bridge and Beyond for Project Welcome Home.
5. Jewels Ghan Done, one of an undermined list for Bridge and Beyond, made from donated squares, pictured HERE. Pink Petuna Afghan also DONE (picture Friday for FOF HERE). Donated to Bridge and Beyond. Rainbow Bright DONE pictured HERE. Currently working on Royalty, pictured above.

1. Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge (8 of 12 cloths done, November Cloth pictured above.
3. Awesome Blue Scarf gave up trying to determine what pattern I had been using, and FROGGED! ........ARGH. Officially DELETING this from the list, and replaced it with the green scarf I'm working on for DD pictured HERE.
4. Buckeye Diagonal Scarf, have found the directions to help me determine where I left off, fingers cross this works. Have been in a holding pattern as I couldn't determine where I left off. Thanks to a blogger's good directions of how to determine, am hopeful! ??45% done
5. Candy Corn Ghan (my longest running work in progress ever 60% done) STILL haven't touched it in months.......sigh
6. Working on Liberty Lace for myself (put way way on the back burner), last pictured HERE

Learning to knit cables (watched a video awhile back which is helping me feel more confidant and willing to give it a try)---think I've found an easy one to start with and might use it for January's cloth in the calendar challenge...might be a nice way to ease into making a cable!
Learning to knit socks

**I have HAP ghans to pick up and assemble....sometime.**


  1. oooh, good luck with the cable! Hopefully you'll be surprised at how un-difficult it is! I agree with you on purple, I think it's a very under-rated colour.

  2. love the royalty colours - they do look very regal together indeed! good luck with the cables - they are nice and easy once you get going with them. the best thing I read before starting my first ones were that you actually only have to cable every 4 or 5 rows which made it seem a lot more manageable!

  3. Thanks ladies for the kind words and the encouragement with regard to the cable.

  4. Great, bold colors for that Royalty. Wow!
    Nice, earthy colors for that dishcloth.

  5. Royalty is the perfect name for that afghan - my favourite so far!

  6. Love the colors and textures on your washcloth. I totally agree about the captcha - as a WordPress user I find it very frustrating to have to do 5 things to comment on someone's blog!

  7. Nice colours on both of your pics, I like the pattern on the cloths, I really must look some out to make....as I have an addiction for blankets I'm sure cloths would be just my thing!

  8. Thanks all for the visits and nice comments, very much appreciate it.

  9. Love the royal ghan, the colours are gorgeous together, love cloth also and best of luck with the next few, would be great if you could get them done, but don't beat yourself up bout it if you don't.

  10. I love the colours of Royalty. I'm sure it will be stunning when it's all together. Good luck with your cables! I love doing cables - they were one of the first things I wanted to try when I started knooking!

  11. I agree with everyone. Royalty is a great name for this ghan. The blue and gold together will be beautiful.

    I am not sure I understand the correlation between the blog comments not getting through and the captcha. I don't use captcha anymore (I don't think) but just wondering. If you do the captcha wrong, you get another try... I know because I generally have to do it three or four times before I get it right. LOL

  12. Sandie when you go to your dashboard you'll see comments needing approval and you'll see a list of those in the spam folder. When you do that you'll see how many are taken care of without the use of captcha. Think when I last checked your blog you were using it on one of them, but not the other...I'll hope over again and check it for you.

  13. Ah! I had forgotten about that as I usually get an e-mail and just approve from there. I checked the spam on the accounts and there were none but I had a couple of comments for approval. I am always learning something new.


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