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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa Claus Memories, Thank you Mom

before bookcaseThis is an old bookcase, been in the family forever. The shelves are adjustable (to a point), and the case has been painted many colors throughout the years. I remember it mostly being black in my younger years. A very fond memory of Mom comes to mind especially this time of year especially. She transformed this old bookcase into the fireplace that Santa Clause came down...year after year.

1952She'd remove all the books, and many of the shelves and using crape paper that looked like bricks...bingo, right before you very eyes a fireplace would appear. We watched her do this multiple times...and with her use of magic snow, hanging our socks on the mantle; we believed the Jolly Old Man truly did come down that very chimney.
1953After all, the proof was there every Christmas morning. The colored pictures don't withstand the test of time as well as the old black and whites (1952 and 1953). But clearly you can see, Santa did come to visit and bring great excitement and joy to us kids. My older brother Chuck and I playing cowboys and Indians and even before people knew about the word multi-tasking...clearly we were...we were also having a tea party. Younger brother Mike in the jump seat.

Thank you Mom for the wonderful memories.

I'ld like to add, this magical bookcase has been painted once again, creamy white this time round and is in DD's house.

Merry Christmas Mom.


  1. I had a set of those toy guns as well.

  2. I think all guys in that age group did, Mike; thanks for the visit.

  3. Merry Christmas Sandy, these are lovely pictures and memories from Christmas past....a simple more loving and carefree time...wish we could go back....

  4. I love seeing all these old pictures! Your mom was very crafty. I think the fireplace was a wonderful creation.

  5. Thanks Faith and Karen, I appreciate the warmth.


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