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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sandy's Sunday Year of Projects, fast week

Week #5 for me Aug 21-27

A much shorter post then most of my YOP posts are, and no pictures today. Though links below to see what projects I'm talking about. I've made good headway since last Sunday (Monday when I made my post); but not 1 single item is yet to go from the YOP Work in Progress List to The Yea it's done list. Chipping away. I'm so enjoying visiting, and learning from some pretty awesome blogs with regard to this challenge.

YOP list:
Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge (about 50% done with DD's cloths) started cloth 7 which was to be Easter Colors, a basket weave design for March; but you can't see the pattern well, and needles are wrong, and wrong size and ...frogged it. Posted it HERE. Think I'll switch to October since that's closer anyway. April, May, June, July, August, and September done. Need to do Jan, Feb, March, Oct, Nov and Dec.
Cotton Cloths for Bridge and Beyond (haven't started)
Wedding Ghan (about 90% Knitting completed! Ends all tucked in, all strips joined. Have started the border. Wanted to finish this weekend, get it in the laundry and block it; that's not going to happen. Spent to much time outside doing yard work.
Candy Corn Ghan (no headway)
Buckeye Scarf (no headway)
Learn to knit socks (no attempt)
Learn to knit cable stitches (no attempt, but....have found a pseudo stitch I may try on a cotton cloth to get me started)
Awesome wool (blue) scarf (planned to take on recent trip; but as I was packing it realized I once again had not included the pattern I was using in the zip lock bag!) Why...probably because I was using the pattern on something else? I have no yet frogged this start---it's a 300 stitch cast on and I'm hoping to be able to determine what I was doing.
Poodle Ghan (had planned to finish this by now, had it packed for mentioned trip....mindless knitting would have been good; but.........needed to remove it from the suitcase to make room for our Martini glasses)
Oddball (Two rows of the border done, so bout 60% finished, waiting on a 2nd one to be delivered so I can mail them at the same time.)
Bridge Ghans (no additional headway)
Red Scarf Project Scarf, posted about it HERE. Though I'm about 65% done with it, looks like with the new regulations for The Red Scarf Project, it won't be donated there, but I will continue to work on it and it will be good for something/someone/charity wise.


  1. I'm starting a "Yay it's done" list right now! I LOVE that idea!

  2. Would love to see a pic of the wedding ghan if possible. I think you're doing better than me on your YoP list. I keep getting sidetracked with other projects. Its all fun though.

  3. oh wow - great progress on the Wedding Ghan. Looking forward to seeing it finished soon!

  4. Looking forward to the Wedding Afghan! You have been busy.

  5. I'd also like to see a pic of the wedding ghan. great progress update!

  6. Too bad for no pictures, but nice to read the updates on the WIP's! You're on a roll! I keep getting distracted and doing other projects, but I'm just adding and adjusting my list all the time! ^_^

  7. Hello Sandy. Good to see you are still doing your needle work.
    I have slowed down a lot this summer .Guess I;ve had burn out. Do have a pair of socks about finished and working on my # 4 baby afghan for the summer.
    Got to go and start the regukar Friday evening family meal I starte dback in January . Haveing a taco bake tonight Nothing too strenous nor hard to clean up after. take care .


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