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Monday, August 08, 2011

Running to Catch Up

YOP wk 4 for me (Aug 7-13)

Some progress to report on my YOP list:
Got July finished, and both April and September started for my Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge. I was traveling (Park City, Utah), so washcloths projects were perfect for the plane trip.

April Showers Cotton ClothThis is a neat pattern, one you might remember from the medium tan blocks in my stripes for the upcoming wedding ghan. It's called little blocks.

July clothApril showers is a cool stitch pattern, one I plan to use again perhaps on a scarf. It's called Chinese Waves. It's working up fast since it's basic garter, is nice and I think a very adaptable pattern. It called for a cast on of 45, but I thought that was too large for a washcloth and cast on 35, trick is to have an odd number for the cast on according to Margaret Radcliffe, designer. Was thrilled to come across this pattern, as I have now started and frogged this green--April Showers Cloth 3 times.....argh, just really didn't like the look of the other patterns I tried.

September, fading summer clothFading summer is sort of an eyelet pattern but with garter and purl stitches, called Reversible Open Rib Washcloth. The pattern called for a cast on of 31. I really like the look of this stitch and plan to use it again also. The nice bonus in making these cotton cloths is trying out new stitches.

Also on the plane finished 2 more blocks on the wedding ghan's last stripe (which were blocks 4 and 5), and was almost finished with the 6th and final block of the last strip when I realized there was a mistake. Somehow I had gotten off with right and wrong side. I either didn't count a row, or I hit my clicker (row counter) twice. Arghhhhhhhhh. Dark brown to hard to see to rip out and get back on track on the plane so laid it aside. Once we reached Park City and got settled in, I again re-did the brown section....And...dang it, the same thing happened. I do find it hard to see, and was apparently not paying enough attention so completely frogged it again. As of the writing of this post, I've restarted this last brown block 3 times. I didn't attempt to do it on the plane ride home and plan to finish it today and begin attaching. Fingers crossed. Taking it slowly to be certain I don't get off again. Only doing it when there are no distractions.

Have updated my YOP list when I realized I'd left something off. I started a scarf for The Red Scarf Project way back and didn't get it on the list. Actually that link shows were I made progress, as it was started before that. However...........I didn't keep the pattern I was using with it, don't remember it, and have no clue where in the process I was. So, though I took it with me for this trip to Park City, I ended up frogging it and starting over.

Red Scarf ProjectI started out with the idea of using the Reversible Open Rib Washcloth pattern, but once I did several repeats decided it was too open for a scarf. Click to enlarge. I think with this wonderful soft Plymouth Yarn (washable wool), the openness is greater than with the cotton in above washcloth? So, after doing several repeats decided to do a section of garter stitch (32 rows which is double the amount of rows 16 used in the pattern stitch), then back to the pattern though only did 1 repeat and was going to repeat that. Changed my mind again and kept going with garter. The little bit of pattern, I think just gives some detail to the scarf. Now my problem is whether or not I have enough yarn. The skein is 200 yards, and this scarf is wider then I sometimes make them. I'll dig out my scale and weigh how much yarn I have left. If there's not enough, will have to get creative with how I finish it, as I've had this yarn a long time and won't even attempt to match it.

YOP list:
Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge (about 40% done with DD's cloths)
Cotton Cloths for Bridge and Beyond (haven't started)
Wedding Ghan (about 80% done, need to finish last block, attach last strip, edge, launder and block)
Candy Corn Ghan (no headway)
Buckeye Scarf (no headway)
Learn to knit socks (no attempt)
Learn to knit cable stitches (no attempt, but....have found a pseudo stitch I may try on a cotton cloth to get me started)
Awesome wool (blue) scarf (planned to take on recent trip; but as I was packing it realized I once again had not included the pattern I was using in the zip lock bag!) Why...probably because I was using the pattern on something else? I have no yet frogged this start---it's a 300 stitch cast on and I'm hoping to be able to determine what I was doing.
Poodle Ghan (had planned to finish this by now, had it packed for mentioned trip....mindless knitting would have been good; but.........needed to remove it from the suitcase to make room for our Martini glasses)
Oddball (sorry to report no headway since picking out colors and edging pattern)
Bridge Ghans (no additional headway)


  1. love th DC patterns!

  2. Thanks k2tog....love your title, very cute.

  3. You've been busy. Love the look of the Chinese Waves dishcloth - will keep that pattern in mind. Have a good week. xoxox

  4. Love these dishcloths, they are stunning, the yarn the patterns you have chosen.

    Keep them coming.

  5. Thanks Dorothy and RugbyMad, appreciate the visit and comments.

  6. I agree; it's fun to try out new stitches and new techniques! My Year of Projects have taught me lots so far, and some of it I can't wait to put to use in other projects.

  7. HI SANDY,

  8. Sandy, I'm so sorry to read about the right and wrong sides getting off, I did that with the in threes cardigan by accidentally turning a row part way through. I hope you have found a quiet moment to sort it now. Gorgeous washcloths - I love the green one! Sorry to be late commenting this week, I have no idea where the time has gone.

  9. I noticed you have a lot of dish cloth cotton ! that reminds me I was going to knit some dish cloths for Christmas gifts !


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