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Friday, August 19, 2011

Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge and Lessons Learned.

Finished Object Friday Post(link in sidebar)

Sept ClothHere we have the back of faded summer (Septembers) cotton cloth for DD for the Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge. Pastels indicating the brilliant summer colors no longer at their peek. Details in this post

Front of Fading Summer Cotton ClothHere's the front of the cloth, on my lap, sorry folks didn't have a good place to lay it down to photograph at this particular moment. I finished this cloth once we arrived in Park City for our family vacation and passed it on to DD who was happy with collection to date. I had 3 finished prior to the trip, finished July on the plane, started above September on the plane. (finished Sept and April before the end of the trip). Love this pattern and will definitely use this stitch again. Actually already have, now that I think about it....as a design element in the red and purple scarf.

April Showers Cotton WashclothThis is another cloth for the challenge started after arriving in Park City for the family vacation also. This cloth was started over 4 times before I hit on a pattern I liked. Several of the patterns just weren't showing up using the variegated yarn/cotton...and so were a bit of a waste of time counting etc. Both DD and I like this, it's a bit thicker and has good texture for a cotton washcloth. This now is cloth 6 in her possession. #7 which is March is on the needles, as we speak which leaves 5 to complete for the cotton cloth calendar challenge. 50% there.

I have discovered 2 things while making these cotton cloths. Some time back I posted I didn't like to work with cotton, that it bothered my hands. What I found out is, I was using my Denise needles and the cotton does not slide nicely off the needles, in fact it really sticks which makes working on the item hard on the hands, fingers, and shoulders (you know tension). However, I had a metal something (Susan Bates I think), circular needle the right size and started using it for these cloths............WOW, what a difference. It's not the cotton that's hard, it was the combination of the needles and the cotton. The 2nd thing I've learned so far with working on these cloths, is the fun in trying new stitches/patterns on a small scale.......much less fearful, and also much more willing to frog if I don't like it.


  1. Pretty! A friend sent me a handful of dishcloths hat her mom knitted, and they are by far my favorites.

  2. I definitely like the faded summer cloth's stitch as well. And it looks great in that colorway!

    I never understood why people say they have so much trouble working with cotton. I always use it with metal needles and hooks, so I guess that's why I never had the same issues.

  3. Oooh, I really like the green one :)

    I really don't like working with cotton, tried it on wood, bamboo and metal needles and I just don't get on with it. Having said that, I've only ever used 4 ply or DK, perhaps I'd feel differently with a heavier weight...

  4. I like them all! The green one rocks. I always look at the dishcloth patterns and think, oh that would make a stunning blanket square. And I think you might have just pushed that idea back to the front of my brain.

    Glad that you and cotton have become friends. I love working in cotton.

  5. I love the concept and look of the "faded summer" September cloth. This project is so intriguing, you're doing such amazing things with it.

    And I'm glad you found a way around your dislike of working with cotton. I'm not the biggest fan of crocheting with it, myself, it does seem harder on the hands.

  6. Your final pattern choice looks ideal for the variegation. And you're right to frog if you don't like it!

  7. You hit on the perfect pattern for that yarn in the end! Looking great.

    As for the cotton, I had a similar revelation when I was crocheting - using straight metal hooks I wasn't enjoying it, but using the Clover hooks which are easier for me to hold I got much less strain in my shoulder as I was obviously more relaxed. These things are good to discover!

  8. I was glad to hear I'm not the only one with cotton issues... maybe I need to try different needles... I love the pastel cloth - it's so pretty.

  9. Your dishcloths are lovely!

  10. Thanks all for the visits and comments, appreciate hearing about the cotton issues, and glad to know it's not just me.

  11. I have also found that the right hook makes a big difference in how enjoyable it is to work on a particular project. Kudos to you for finding the right hook for the project. And also agree that small projects are great for trying new stitches.

  12. Very pretty colors for both, although I'm leaning towards the pastels as my fave... nice job!

  13. Your cloths came out great! Glad you found knitting with cotton easier with different needles. I've always loved knitting with cotton, no matter what needles I'm using, but I have all old (worm) and not very fancy ones :)

    happy knitting :)


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