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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Girls Night Out, Class Mates and Old Friends


Through the beauty of Facebook old friends and high school classmates connect. Proving one doesn't have to fear Facebook just because you're under the age of 30. Some of us had seen each other at reunions here and there through the years; but nothing consistently. Some of us hadn't seen each other at all. It's particularly hard, I think with women. We get married, we change our names, we're therefore harder to find....hint ladies please include your maiden name like it's your middle name on your Facebook profile. Anyway........we have a private, invitation only page on Facebook, so only our classmates can view it and chat freely. We've been sharing stories, pictures and memories. We decided we should get together, those of us locally. Posted a date and time, and managed to get 5 us together for a fun packed evening of dinner and drinks. We collected up at The Winking Lizard. Prices are reasonable, the menu is huge, happy hour drink specials exist. We followed their posted motto for the evening!

mottoHappily we got an outside table on the patio under an awning and had a fan blowing so it was most comfortable. Not sure I would enjoy being inside as much, as it's pretty loud in there.

Judy, Me, and DanaPassed my camera to the opposite side of the table so Marilyn could snap this photo of Judy, myself, and Dana.
Eleanor and MarilynI then snapped this one of Eleanor and Marilyn. None of us had any trouble knowing who we were as we arrived despite the time lapse since most of us had seen each other. We had a great time catching up on things like who worked were, who had how many kids and what they were up to, who's married and so forth. We shared stories from school, from the neighborhood, and remembered lots of our classmates. Wondered where certain people were, compared notes about whom had stayed in contact with whom.

On a trip to the ladies room..........Iguana with a very very long tail.

The 5 of usWe found a willing photographer at the next table to get all 5 of us in the shot. Poor thing was wearing one of those walking cast/boot things; but she didn't seem to mind. Eleanor open your eyes. Glad it was someone else for a change, usually mine are closed, lol. Marilyn was our sole Glenmont Elementary School Representative, the rest of us attended Sharon; which has since been bulldozed.

more laughingGoing for the perfect shot, we kept at it. Our friendly neighbor tablemate was having as much as we were. She and her friend were also catching up, hadn't seen in other in awhile. Though they were younger than us and thus it hadn't been as long for them. Judy took their pictures also.

trying to get the perfect shotAnd...one more for good measure, you can see the laughing increased! We had a wonderful time, chatted more in the parking lot before leaving and definitely plan to do this again. Hope some others can join us.

**For those unfamiliar with blogging who may be reading this, you can enlarge pictures by clicking on them so you can see things better.
***You do not need to be a blogger to leave a comment, simply click the drop down box that says name and url, leave your name and leave the url portion blank.........PLEASE do leave a comment so I know you were here. If you're a fellow classmate and want to join us next time, you can leave that info in your comment and or email me at sandycrochet@gmail.com, and you can click on the Facebook Badge in the sidebar to be taken to my Facebook Profile Page. ***

Whetstone High School Class of 1969 Dinner Gathering's will continue.

Now for those not in my high school class, are you trying to connect with friends you've lost through the years on Facebook? If not, do yourselves a favor and give it a try. It's FUN!

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  1. By the time I got your message it was too late. Looks like you had fun...maybe I can join you next time.

  2. Shoot, left it I thought in time on FB, figured you see that before email, and I know you usually don't listen to voice mails, was gonna tell you when you returned my call...but you forgot to call back.

  3. Joanna Omohundro (Boling)9:34 PM

    Hopefully next time I will be able to come!

  4. Oh I hope so Joanna, your were indeed thought of.

  5. Not a classmate but wish I was looked like you all had such a fun time. :) I am from a class of 69 from upstate NY but I now live in CA so never really go to any reunions....:( Good for all of you to meet up..


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