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Monday, March 07, 2011

RAIN, memories of Mom

rain bonnettRain, I don't actually like ran; it ruins good outdoor time, can alter ones travel plans, cause flooding can be dangerous...........But, RAIN makes me think about Mom. When I was young, most of the families in our neighborhood had electric ranges; Mom had gas. So when we'd have a rain storm and the electric would go; she'd warm up soup on the gas stove for all the neighbors. They'd walk through the yard with a pot of soup in hand and she'd put it on the stove. She'd laugh, cause she didn't really like the gas stove; thought it dirtier than electric--but it did have some advantages. In those days gas was considered old fashion, and all the new appliances were electric. I have an electric range; but hubby keeps wanting to buy a new one, a gas one. Gas is all the rage again it seems. All the cooking shows on TV talk about how superior gas is for even heat, all the chiefs use gas not electric.

That's not the only memory though that comes to mind with the word RAIN and my Mother. Back in the day before people spent hard earned money to buy special irons, or pay for distilled water (that was certainly a luxury only the wealthy could afford); Mom would put out large pots or bowls when it rained to collect rain water to be used in the iron and to water the house plants. More natural for the plants, without chemicals and all, and apparently better for an iron also; as the chemicals are what clogged up an iron.

It also seems rain water was a special thing to do for ones hair. She'd rinse our hair in rain water when she had enough. No need to pay for hair conditioners and rinse when you had rain water on hand. Now days, I suppose the rain water is full of junk and so perhaps that wouldn't be so advantageous?

AND, let's not forget the ever NOT stylish but wildly popular plastic rain-bonnet! Now for those of you younger then me, this may not bring back a memory; but if you're as old as dirt like me...well then, that's another story. Do you remember rain-bonnets? The one pictured is the more stylish model, however the one I remember most was folded back and forth like a fan with little plastic ties and fit into a plastic sleeve that measured about 1 inch by 3 inches. They snapped back folded when you pulled on the ties. Mom hated those things, older women always wore them back then. You know older women had their hair done once a week, or once every other week and so couldn't risk their style getting wet. No proper lady would go out and about without a rain-bonnet tucked neatly in her hand bag. Anyway, every-time Mom would see someone put one on, she'd tell me to shot her if she did that when she got older. I found this rain-bonnet a few years ago and was going to include it in a gift as a joke to her. I never did give it to her; though I know she would have rolled her eyes.

Then there was the time the family was camping during one of the summer vacations and it was raining and raining and raining. We were at Lake Erie, and Dad was outside trenching around the tent to try and keep the tent dry. He wasn't a happy camper, actually I don't believe anyone was. Mom grabbed the old 35 mm movie camera and had me open the tent flap so she could film Daddy trenching with a little camp shovel. As she's filming it, we all got to laughing and Daddy said this was his most favorite thing to do, next to swimming across a lake with man eating Piranhas. Needless to say, the mood was much better after that. And, it wasn't too long after that, that the sun came out.

No, I really don't like rain; but I do have some pretty fond memories. Thanks Mom.


  1. I do remember those plastic cheapie rain bonnets. I never wore them, but my mother always was prepared and had one in her pocket or purse. Gosh I haven't thought of those in a long long time :)

    I love my gas stove and don't think I could cook on anything else. Guess it's all what you get used to.

    Have a great week and enjoy all the rain :)

  2. Thank you for this! My mother was one of those once-a-week-hair-set ladies and she was the rain bonnet *queen*. She had the deluxe model that she preferred, but she had little fold-up ones in every one of her purses and a few in the glove compartment, too, for good measure. They were one of those things that businesses would give away with their logos printed on the little sleeve as a marketing device.

    Good memories!

  3. Sus, right you are. I'd forgotten that they were often given away with the name of business on the sleeve. Would be fun to find one of those at a garage sale or something.


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