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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring has Sprung?

miniature iris close upThis is the first, the very first sign of spring in my yard. This is short lived I know cause these cute little miniature Iris never last. They pop their little heads up while the ground is still cold and can be seen normally only a few days before a snow, or freezing rain comes and destroys them. But......they do make me smile, they do give me hope. They don't reproduce well, or perhaps because they pop up too early, they don't get a chance too? I have 3 clumps, but it doesn't seem like the clumps get any bigger with each they show themselves. Now this picture is cropped from the one below.
miniature irisBecause of where I had to stand (to keep from sinking into the rain drenched ground), you see my shadow. I tried to stand off to the side as much as possible and still be close enough to get the picture. The question is this. Which is the better picture? In other words, to crop or not to crop? I almost always do with my digital pictures (the only kind I take). Partially because it brings the item closer, makes it easy to see, and partially because it loads faster for blogging and posting on forums and uses less bandwidth and all those things. But, it occurs to me perhaps the non-cropped pictures show you more? With my shadow being visible you know we actually had sun....you know that round yellow thing in the sky. You've seen it, probably not much lately though. This second picture also shows how nothing else is green, telling you how early in the season the photo was taken. So, which is the better picture? Do you crop your pictures?

Please leave your comments, thoughts, and suggestions. I'm interested to learn what you think.


  1. I crop. Not everything. I like the cropped photo you did. Happy Spring!

  2. Thanks Kat for the visit and the feedback, both are appreciated. Happy Spring to you too.

  3. It all depends on the photo whether I crop or not. I think your cropped one looks better, but on the other hand you get the idea of the size of the iris better without the cropping. I say do what feels right to you...you are the best judge of the situation you are capturing :)

    happy spring :)

  4. I agree with hakucho - it really depends on the picture and what message you are trying to convey with the photo. I think cropping, even just a little, can change the element of balance on the photo and change the overall feel. Of the two photos above, I prefer the cropped one. I get more of a sense of "spring after a hard winter" from that picture than the one with the shadow.


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