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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lake Lois, NOT

backyard pondThis picture is my neighbor's backyard. She's had so much standing water lately in her yard from all the downpours I believe you could go fishing.
standing waterWe've had more snow then normal this winter, and we've had far more rain then normal. One wonders what will happen come April. April is when we're suppose to get rain. Lordy, think I might need to keep my boat handy. The day after I took these pictures we had cold and snow again and so her yard then looked like a ice rink. What a mess. We used to get water in our basement from her yard, as we're a bit down hill from her. A few years ago she had work done on her basement and drains etc, which took care of the problem we had in our basement with water. So....now she has tons of water in her yard which beats the heck out of in her basement and ours.

It's a good thing her yard is fenced, some small child could drown in that water.

Oh how I long for warmer weather. Perhaps this means it's on it's way?


  1. Me, too!!! I've been so cold lately that I can't wait for the warmer weather....hope and pray it comes soon :)

  2. We've been getting a lot of rain out in Cali too. The other day some guy stalled his car in a deep puddle, opened his door, and got completely flooded!

  3. Oh no Rogue Butterfly, that's kinda scarey. How did he get out of the jam?

  4. Well,here's hoping it doesn't get any worse. This has been one of the longest and most difficult winters I can remember in quite some time.

  5. I am so with you Joansie, nice to see you.


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