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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thinking, Planning, Designing Orange Fall

afghan designFelt like throwing squares and rectangles on the floor to get those creative juices going. I remembered I had a fair number of orange-ish squares in my mish mosh bags. Drug those out and added some recent rectangles with that same fall orange flare to them. Lots of sizes here as you can see. Some pieces are knitted, some are crocheted, some are sampler type squares/rectangles and others granny style made in the round. Several of these large knitted squares are from my Darling Daughter, some have been donated through Bridge and Beyond by Alexis, RoseMarie, and some are left overs from previous defunct groups. Some I've had a while; but a squares doesn't get old you know. It's like wine, I use no square before it's time. lol
fall afghan designIt's time. I like to photograph what I think the lay out should be, to get idea how much I need to change the squares/rectangles to make them fit. Once I pick them up and start that work, I often have to look at the picture. I really can't remember how I put them together size wise. Sometimes though the give and go of squares with different yarns and stitches changes and they do get moved from the original template.

However, this is step 1 for me. Next is step 2, what color to edge and join with. Debating with myself now between black and brown. I'll have to check the amount I have of each in my stash and go from there. It's a work in progress and will be donated to Faith Mission, the latest beneficiary I've added to our The Mission of Bridge and Beyond.

I also like to take pictures from the both the length and width views, as it helps with sizing issues.


  1. Nice insight into how you put your beautiful blankets together! Looking forward to seeing you finished work of art :)

    happy knitting :)

  2. Thanks hakucho, my method is sorta funny. After leaving it spread out like that yesterday, hubby came home after work and wanted to know if I'd changed anything yet. lol, he's used to me doing that. So far though, I've stared at it and think it's a go.

  3. Fabulous colors and love the way you've put them together.
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    As to 'O not stepping in, people still would not be paid for their losses'...we don't know that for certain. Maybe, maybe not.
    BP is a company that's responsible to their shareholders; shareholders who teach school, work for the government, work for utilities, work in hospitals and who own BP stock because of retirement plans, 401 K's, etc. Without shareholders, there's no company.
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  4. I simply love this design and the colors are oh so vivid. What a wonderful piece.


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