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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Silly Sunday

Julie and I at Port ClintonJulie and I after a fun full day of wine drinking at Lake Erie (Port Clinton) during our "girls time". Anyone who knows me, knows I do NOT take decent pictures; but once in a blue moon. Truly. So, this is actually a not bad picture. Julie on the other hand is much more photogenic. This was the weekend we had such fun visiting the yarn shop you might have already read about HERE.

Jan the HostessJan, is always photogenic even when acting a fool. lol ! She's setting a new style here with stripes and animal skin as she plays "hostess with the mostest". Was getting late and this was right before we knew we were super close to the terrible tornado.

Julie playingOne title seems to sum this up...."Girls just want to have Fun!" The fun prairie bonnet I purchased for my daughter as a remembrance of years gone past. When she was young she lived in one as she read "Little House on the Prairie".


  1. Ok, did you have a full day of fun or a full day of drinking wine or a combination of both....lol. Whatever it was, it appears that I missed a lot of fun.

  2. Looks like you had fun times and took some great photos!!!!

    What is The Hive? I'm interested to learn more. You can e-mail me at wormswords at gmail dot com.

  3. I didn't know you had this blog! Yes, all my blogs are do follow.

    I love all the yarn I see at some of the quilt shops I go to. It is displayed beautifully and almost makes me want to take up knitting or crocheting!

  4. Joansie we had a full day of both, hehe. Come with us virtually at least next time.

    Karen, thanks for letting me know, am working on it.

    Thanks Wormie, will send you an email.

    These 3 comments ladies were in moderation. Which I forgot I did, so forgot to check. DaHhhhhhhhhh

  5. Thanks for following my blog.Im now following back. Have a great day!


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