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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Stash Alert! Wear Safety Goggles

jojoland purple and greenCan you feel it? Stash alert seriously....I don't need more yarn; but this jumped right into my hand. 220 yards, only $6.00. Look at those colors..........green and purple, do you know what that means? Bet you do, if you've been here and read some of my other posts that talk about those colors. This is Melody Super Wash 100% wool by Jojoland. They recommend size 1-3 knitting needles for this. When I last tried my hand with some lace I was using super fine sock yarn and just really had trouble. I think, I hope....fingers crossed this will work better for me; as a newbie when it comes to lace knitting.
orange melody super washLuscious, lovely and I just couldn't resists this! I've shown tremendous restraint not starting on either of this skeins right after they adopted me. It's been several days, and really I'm trying to finish one or two more WIP before starting on these but.........it's getting really hard. The orangey reddish, bright here is for mawah. The purple and green of course is for the one and only Darling Daughter since purple and green are her signature colors.

Not reporting on WIP here, maybe next post.


  1. What lovely yarms and what lovely colors! I can't wait until you cast on.

  2. Hi Sandy, the newest stash additions are really pretty. I recently found similar yarns (darn it) at Tuesday Morning.

  3. Love the yarns. I too have way too much yarn. I just found your blog recently and just wanted you to know I enjoy it.

  4. I can see why you scooped up this yarn...it's gorgeous! Good luck with you lace knitting...can't wait to see what you end up knitting :)

    You commented about my bibs on my blog. They are from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book. Super easy. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I'm trying hard to get my act together, but will make no promises...you know how that goes ;)

    happy knitting :)

  5. Thanks Ladies, appreciate the feedback. I started on the lace for my daughter, had trouble and have laid it aside for a while. Not too long I hope. lol

    appreciate the information about the pattern Hakucho


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