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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Rollins Hills, How to Burn Calories During Covid 19

This was step 1 of the afghan I named Rolling Hills.  These strips were donated, to me through my charity, Bridge and Beyond, intended to be scarves, but weren't sized appropriately, so I am re-purposing them into an afghan.   I tucked these strips aside until I could work with them.  

Here's the completed afghan as it's being blocked and drying after being laundered.  The colors in the first picture are more accurate.  So weird how differently light affects these pictures...even though I tried to edit it.  It was pretty narrow, but I was able to add several inches to each side to make it a nice size.

Little different view.  Now, what to work on next?

Tried a new recipe.  
  1. 6 thin sliced chicken breasts
  2. 1 container green onion cream cheese
  3. 1/4 cup olive oil
  4. 1/2 cup chicken broth
  5. 1 Large package sliced mushrooms
  6. 1 small bag fresh baby spinach
  7. 1 dash Weber Herb and Garlic Seasoning
  8. 1 dash pepper
  9. 8 oz shredded mozzarella cheese
  10. Mix seasonings and liquids into the cream cheese. 
  11.  Place chicken breast in dish, cover with lots of
  12. spinach and mushrooms, poor liquid over.
  13.   Cook on 375 covered for 20 minutes, uncover, add
  14. Italian cheese, cook another 10-20.    I served it over Polenta to keep it low carb.
Hubby and I were able to vote early...right before the Covid 19 restrictions.  Glad we were able to vote in the primary with things being on hold for so many areas.  I hope many of you were able to take advantage of early voting in your areas.

A graphic I thought was very powerful during these times of social distancing and staying at home orders.  I hope you and yours are safe and healthy.  Stay home, wash your hands.

And because we must not lose humor, it helps to keep us sane.  Burning calories with bad weather is difficult, so I've been in a lot.  I caught a cold, so even before the stay at home orders, I wasn't going out.  Gym's of course are closed.  My Echo Dot (Alexa) is helping a bit with 5 minute plank routines, and 7 minute work outs.  You can find them in the skills section of the Alexa app.  Exercise also helps us stay sane and healthy.


  1. Love the Afghan - and that visual is perfect.
    Humour never, ever goes astray either.
    Stay well, stay safe.

    1. Thanks for the visit and encouragement, you stay safe as well.

  2. I agree. Humor is the key to sanity!

    1. Thanks for the visit, always nice to see you.

  3. Sandy: That is one amazing afghan, the colors are refreshing, I would like to know how you finished the long sides that are different lengths.
    Super cute photo of you both, you are so tiny.
    That is so true humor is what we need, however the burnt brownies would break my heart, but still able to make more.

    Stay Healthy

    1. Thank you for you sweet comments. Always a pleasure to have you visit.

  4. Dear Sandy
    The afghan has turned out beautifully - many congratulations. The matchsticks image is very clever. I am going to be baking over the weekend - no napping while the cakes are in the oven for me!
    Stay safe
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you Ellie, wish I liked to bake.

  5. One person can sure make a difference to this indeed. Exercise does help one stay sane.

    1. Right you on both accounts Pat, thanks for the visit.

  6. The afghan looks lovely. We were able to vote back in Feb. (had until the beginning of March) by absentee ballot. The candidate I backed was *just* about to drop out by the time our state voted. I voted for that candidate anyway. Ah, well.

    1. I almost did the same thing Bea. The one I really wanted literally dropped out the day before I voted, so I went to #2. Thanks for the visit and kind words on the afghan.

  7. Those strips of yarn have been turned into a beautiful blanket, what a great job you've made of it, it will keep someone nice and warm. We definitely need a bit of humour in the situation we find ourselves in.

    1. Many thanks Jo for the visit and kind words. Stay well


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