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Saturday, March 07, 2020

Crocheting for Charity, Yoga and Wash your Hands!

This is one of my current projects.  Like the strips turned into an afghan in my previous post, these are strips that were donated as scarves, but weren't suitable given size etc.  I've titled this soon to be Afghan, Rolling Hills.  Brown and green, earthy.....so that seemed appropriate.  As you can see they aren't the same size, so will need work before they can be joined.
The colors in the first picture are a bit more accurate than this picture, but you can see headway has been made.  4 strips have been edged and joined and so I'm not quite half way there.  It will still be too narrow and will need some extra work on the sides once it's all put together to make it an appropriate size.  I'm using both tan and green for sizing, edging, and joining.  This will also be donated through my charity, Bridge and Beyond.

Last week I shared the funny woman with a Martini glass sitting at the gym......so I'm kinda on a roll here.  I think I also shared I was trying to do yoga via a skill on my Echo Dot (Alexa).  So seeing this made me laugh.  Yarn yoga.

And then............some of you know how I LOVE my wine.

After reading today's news.......and it's still early in the day, the numbers for The Corona Virus are causing concern to almost everyone.  In a matter of a view days the US death toll has jumped to 17 (2 days ago was 10), the number of states with active cases has jumped to 28 (doubled what it was yesterday), and only a handful of days ago there were about 100 cases in the US, that count is now 330.  So, please do wash your hands for the full 20 seconds multiple times a day.  Try to keep your hands away from your face.........I know I'm really struggling with that.

I recently shared a photo of my Valentine's Day table decorations.  So thought I'd share my current Spring placemats.  I intended to buy flowers for the center of the table, but somehow never got around to that.  We're still having cold, gray ugly days here in Central Ohio........but I do have hopes of some colorful flowers.....hopefully soon.


  1. There is a lot to love in this post.
    Starting with your afghan and the charity you support.
    I am also a wine oclock devotee, and I did smile at that quip about handwashing.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your visit and kind words. Always happy to have you visit. Glad you enjoyed the handwashing quip.

  2. Dear Sandy
    The afghan looks great and making the scarves fit together like that is so clever. Someone will be very grateful for it when it is finished.
    It's all about handwashing in the UK, although some people are panic buying and causing problems with stocks of hand wash and toilet rolls! I'm going with the poster from WWII - 'Keep Calm and Carry On' - good advice then as now.
    Best wishes

    1. Thanks Ellie, right you the panic buying puts others at risk. We've seen some of it here, but not as bad as in other locals I think. Thanks for the visit.

  3. Great use of scarves!

    And yes, hand washing has ALWAYS been important. I still wonder about all the panic - the Flu kills thousands, maybe tens of thousands every year right here in the US - God knows how many around the planet. Even if you get the flu shot you can get the flu (like I did last year.) The "kill" rate right now is higher for this new virus but there is no vaccine for it yet like we have for the flu and because it is new, no one has any built up immunity. But still. It is like we haven't heard all the details about this new virus.

    Regardless - good hand washing and staying away from sick folks is still the best common sense advice - for ALL illnesses.

    1. I know, you want to be cautions, but you don't want to panic and clearly we can't believe what the current administration is telling us. The fact they've censored the health officials is rather frightening in and of itself. Take care and stay well

  4. Yes, I usually am a face-toucher as well, but I have been able to regard my hands as simply always dirty. This idea has helped me keep my hands away from eyes, mouth & nose fairly well.

    Be well,

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