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Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday, already! Ghesh

Got the knitted red and black chunky scarf completed and donated to Bridge and Beyond. Had hoped to have the afghan finished, didn't quite make it; but it should be posted on Sunday for YOP. Thanks for all the suggestion for names for it. Garden Patch, fall foliage, Fall Woods, Woods in Fall, Peas and Carrots, Bountiful Harvest, Autumn Colors, and Autumn Leaves....were the suggestions. I've decided on Bountiful Harvest. Special thanks to hakucho for the idea. When I first designed the ghan I thought fall foliage, as I began working on it, I thought garden patch........I think her idea of Bountiful Harvest combines both of those ideas. It's fall, and it makes me think of picking items from the garden...like pumpkins for example....remember the orange. Anyway, thank you all for the help. Please scroll back one post if you missed it and wonder what I'm rambling about.

AND, special request today please FOF people and others. Could you pop over to today's post on Bridge and Beyond? I'm really in need of opinions about color. Looking forward to your input. Many thanks, happy Friday and happy weekend all.

Finished Object Friday Badge and link in sidebar. Please join us, it's lots of fun to see everyone's finished projects.

Asking everyone using on of the linky's to please get rid of your captcha's. The filters for blogspot work great, you really don't need them. Having captcha's AND approving all your comments is doubly un-necessary. The new captcha's are even harder to see then they used to be. Some have seen post this request before...I did for our Sunday YOP, and Wednesday for WIPW. Try it without for 2 wks, I'd be surprised if you'll have any trouble without it.


  1. The scarf is lovely and I think the name is appropriate.

  2. That scarf looks wonderfully warm (perfect for donating!), and I love the Bountiful Harvest name, too---also seems perfect for a donated blanket, to me, like it will hopefully bring bounty with it to its recipient.

  3. I'm blushing here...honored that you chose my suggestion :)
    Glad you liked it!!

  4. What a squishy looking scarf. It will be very cozy. I hear you on the captcha thing. Driving me crazy!


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