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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Does this Work?

Bountiful Harvest is complete, it's been laundered and here it's being blocked. Pleased with how it turned out, but....the off white keeps looking white in the pictures. It's not white white, but in reality I wished I had not used it. I wanted to extend the size of the squares without edging each one since they were all nicely edged in green. Debated at the time using a dark green I had in my stash (which isn't really a match of the that used on the squares edge...close though), and opted for the off white thinking the fact that the greens weren't the same would be too noticeable next to each other. I think, in retrospect it would have been more striking...the darker colors? Even considered the tan/brown but didn't think I had enough and so used it on the edge to pull both the orange and tan in a bit more. Still, it's a nice size and color, I believe for a family afghan for Bridge and Beyond's, project, "Welcome Home."

Had these 16 small squares(donated for Bridge and Beyond) laid it aside and thought adding pink might be cute or green or brown for a small child's afghan. Actually pulled out pink, had a good amount in my stash. But, hadn't planned on working on this as I was jazzed up about Kaleidoscope, you might have seen recently. However, got a request for a baby blanket, for a boy from Rae. Rae, is one of the ladies who helps me deliver items to the various homeless groups. She delivers directly to those living on the streets (under the bridge), as she gives them hot meals on Saturday mornings. She asked if we might have something appropriate for a couple who's expecting. Can you imagine being homeless? Even with all the charity work I do, I truly can't. Can you imagine being pregnant and living outdoors in the cold, wherever you can? Beyond my capibility to fathom how that must feel. I thought of these squares I had layed aside and immediately went to work.

Found various browns and tans in my stash and started edging, using the lightest tan for what will be the joining color. I didn't have enough to make 4 squares of each combination, so am mixing it up a bit. Layed out the browns on the small squares and asked hubby if the browns mimimized the pink and made it look boyish? He said he didn't see any pink, and wouldn't have thought pink, if I hadn't pointed it out to him. So, this is how far I am. Does this work? Only have 4 squares to finish edging before starting the joining which I should be able to finish today. Then plan to do border with some dark brown and chocolate brown (if there's enough) you see in the squares. It doesn't look girlish to me, and it's certainly the not traditional soft baby blue........but I want something they can use a bit longer...something larger, and heavier then a baby weight blanket. Does this work for this purpose? Love your thoughts. If not, it won't go to waste...it will be donated to project, "Welcome Home", for a toddler and I'll figure out something else for this soon to be born baby. I just felt the need to move on this pronto!

YOP Plan:
Since last Sunday, I finished Bountiful Harvest...obviously. My plan was to work on the Buckeye Slant Scarf that's been on the list, needless to say...that didn't happen, as I focused all my attention on the ghans. Perhaps in the coming week. YOP list on tab at the top of my blog, and YOP badge and link in the sidebar.

Happy stitching this week one and all. Stay safe, stay warm, and please give me your input on the Baby Blanket...believe I'll just name this one Baby Boy Bridge Blanket.


  1. I LOVE that first photo and don't think the off white hurts it at all. Another choice with a bit more color to it might have been ok, but thee's nothing wrong with the way you did it.

    I think the baby blanket is going to look great with whatever edging you use. I don't think the pink shows too much either, not from the photos here. Do you know whether they're having boy or girl, or you just need to make sure it's appropriate for either?

  2. Thanks Marie Anne, yeah, it's a boy. Mentioned it above.

  3. I think bountiful harvest is beautiful just the way you did it. You have a knack for putting blankets together!

    The baby blanket looks great. I like the way you have it planned out and it's so nice to have a blanket that's bigger than the average baby blanket. It will certainly wrap that child in warm comfort for a long time to come --thanks to you, you do great work :)

  4. Bountiful Harvest turned out just wonderful I think and I kinda like the off white in it.
    I really love your baby blanket and how you mixed it up. I used to hate having everything blue when I had the boys. I don't know for girls there was always a better choice of colours so I love that this is different and I think it will work wonderfully. The thicker heavier weight is an excellent idea, much better to sunggle a little one into.

  5. Bountiful turned out beautiful and I like the lighter/white border. I tend to get hung up with shades that don't really match up,like you might have ended up with if you had used the dark green border. The white sets things off nicely.
    Baby Boy blanket is genius to me, just how you have it layed out in the photo. It will be large and cozy warm--and no, I cannot imagine being pregnant and homeless. This blanket will be a true blessing to that mama.

  6. I love all your work. Bountiful Harvest turned out beautifully. I feel that the off white brings out the colors.

    The baby blanket is a little different. But you know what? I know that couple would very much appreciate anything they are given for their child. I like the color combo.

  7. Thanks so much ladies, glad so many of you feel the white didn't detract from the appearance of Bountiful Harvest. I'm moving ahead with the baby ghan....thanks for the added opinions, just wasn't sure.

  8. Bountiful harvest is lovely, I like the off White, looks clean and crisp.

    You do an amazing job, and no I can't imagine being homeless and expecting, it must be a very scary prospect for that couple. Your Blanket for them is just perfect and the care and love gone into it will I'm sure transpire in your work. I think the colours are just fine, I have three boys and it would work for them.

  9. Seems most practical to me to do the baby's blanket with lots of tans and chocolate browns - colours that won't show dirt right away. I don't see any pinks in that second photo at all. Besides, I think a lovely chocolate brown suits just about any skintone, right?

    I see what you mean about the white, but it didn't really jump out at me so I think it's fine. I suspect side-by-side non-matching greens would have bugged me, so the white's safer.

  10. Thanks Faith and Minding my own Stitches. So glad you all weighted in on both the white and the baby blanket. I'm making really good headway with the baby blanket...making it a real focus

  11. Very pretty blanket!

    Curious: Several comments call it BOUNTIFUL HARVEST, but I wonder whether you changed the name slightly (using a little poetic license) for added meaning.

    Tres bon!

  12. Highlighting this title/link today on A Raft of Crafts: Arts & Parts - on Paper.Li.

    Linda Ann

  13. Just to clarify, if you read through the whole post, you will see a running total for balls into my stash and balls out of my stash. It's been there since the start of 2012.
    And your right, there are no photos, I intend to do a whole post about it because it's something that is very special and deserves more then a mention. Sorry for the confusion.

  14. Ahh, typo Linda corrected Bountiful
    Thanks a Raft of Crafts, appreciate that.
    Thanks Keri, at least I know it wasn't related to my lack of coffee, lol.

  15. Bountiful Harvest looks great. I think we always want to second guess ourselves. I know I do. I always think maybe I should have done this or that, but you know what? It's done and it looks great. No sense in what ifs unless you're planning a second one using the same colors. So pat yourself on the back, Sandy. Good job done here!

    As to the baby afghan, I think the browns and greens overcome the pink. In the photo it is so very light, could almost be an off white. That said, some dads won't have anything to do with pink for their little boys. That is something you couldn't possibly know. If they are homeless, I think they will truly appreciate whatever comes their way. If your husband doesn't see pink, then it probably is not too out there for most guys. I'm glad to see something besides pastels for a baby. Pastels are nice, but babies grow up all too soon. It's nice of you to think of making something that can last a bit longer. Kudos.

  16. You are such a kind and generous person, Sandy. I hope that new family are ok, I am sure that blanket will be very welcome.

    I find white and off-white quite difficult to use with lots of other colours, but Bountiful Harvest is lovely.

  17. I like the white, it sets off the blanket beautifully. And the blanket doesn't look at all girl, I can't see any pink!

  18. Susan, I hope the giveaway package has arrived :) and I hope you enjoy the books as much (or more) as I did.


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