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Friday, February 17, 2012

The Calendar is Full

This is the cotton cloth for the month of March, doesn't it look like an Easter Basket? Though I think the pattern, Garter Stitch Checks would show up better with a solid fiber, you can see it looks a bit like a basket. Or maybe that's because I know that's what it's suppose to be? What do you think? I love the colors, it's very springy looking to me. This completes my Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge, so this is sorta a Done and DONE on this finished object Friday post. hehe

January = White and snow
February = Red and Valentines Heart
March = Easter Springy colors, and a basket pattern
April = Green and white, fresh and growing after the rains
May = pretty pink flowers
June = Beachy-ness
July = Red, White, and Blue Patriotism
August = Scourching hot, bright yellow and orange sunny
September = Fading Colors of summer
October = Brown, and orange Candy Corn
November = Green, orange, gold leaves changing colors
December = Red, Green, and White Christmas

This was a fun project, I learned some new knitting stitches/patterns in the process. With the exception of January, the cable stitch learning to do new things on small scale like a cotton cloth is a good idea....the cable wasn't a good idea, as cotton has no stretch when your knitting and it was rather hard on the hands.

Finished Object Friday Badge and link in sidebar

Darling Daughter asked for a mound a cotton cloths, not for dishes body clothes. I've been giving them to her as I made them. The last one was mailed 2 days ago. Enjoy, DD.

**Please let me again ask everyone who enjoys meme's, linky parties to please please please stop using those dang captcha's on your blog's. It is soooooo time consuming, and sooooooooo frustrating, and in many cases truly over kill. Most of you who use them, also have your settings set to approve comments. If you're approving them anyway, why use captcha. You're going to delete spam. AND, the filters on blogspot are so good, they catch the spam without comments needing to be approved and without using captcha. Please at least try blogging without the captcha for a 2wk period and see how well the filters work. Those things are killing my eyesite.**
sigh...steps off soap box


  1. Love your cloths and especially this month, I love the colours, your right so springy and just like an Easter basket.
    Without your help I'd not have know now to turn off the captcha but I'm glad I did, it was the best piece of advise I got and the filters are excellent on blogger I have to say.

  2. Thanks Ruth for your sweet comments about the cloths, and your testimonial about getting rid of the captcha's.

  3. Your cloth is beautiful! The pattern is perfect for the variegated yarn--- I love it :)


  5. The clothes all look great :) I would love to turn my captcha off, but after spending half an hour searching this morning, I couldn't find any options for it :(

  6. Liz, it's very easy to turn off captcha.
    1. Dashboard
    2. Design
    3. Settings
    4. Comments...scroll down you have options as to is allowed, whether or not you want to approve comments, and right beneath approval or not of the comments, you have word verfication/captcha.


  7. First, the cloths are fabulous!
    Second, I agree totally about the captcha. They are becoming a nightmare!!!

  8. Thanks x 2 Keri. I keep trying to get people to kill the captcha, not much luck though. Right you are, Keri, I think they've gotten worse...even harder to read.

  9. Can you refer me to where I can find the pattern for the cloth on the diagonal. I am really wanting to make this one. Thanks.


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