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Thursday, December 02, 2010

A Frogging we will Go

oddball blanketI'm round 2 on this Odd Ball Blanket, it's theme is Candy Land. I didn't realize until I got it that they used sport weight yarn..........something I never buy or use. Or at least haven't in YEARS. I have so much yarn in my stash I didn't wish to buy more. Searched for Caron Simply Soft, another yarn I don't like to use; though I think it's slightly better knitted vs crocheted. The yarn isn't wrapped well and always splits and irritates me. Not liking the 2 purples together at all. It's in que to be frogged, which seems perfectly in line with me. I was frogging voice wise for a few days and totally without a voice for a few more. This time of year, constant changing weather, play not nice with my allergies.
start of a scarfStarted what was going to be a light weight scarf with this soft and thin sock yarn. Though not really red and gray, I thought it looked close to being ok for a Buckeye (Ohio State's Colors). Not liking the way this was shaping up so tossed it aside and worked on something else. My plan was to have made this when the weather was still ok...cool, but not nasty. That plan didn't work so well, so this too is in que to be frogged.

Now I'm actually less congested, head hurts a bit less, but now running a low grade temp....to bad I can't make myself quickly better...like I can these two projects by frogging and starting over.


  1. Sometimes you can't help it and frogging is a necessity...better luck next time. Hope you feel better real soon :)

  2. Hi..this is my first visit to ur blog,,it's really nice craft. I love it.
    I love crafting too. hope u visit me back ^^

  3. Sandy, hi..
    You sent me a comment, I think you meant to send it elsewhere..something about T.Miller? ooppsy.....

    Merry Christmas..


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