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Monday, December 20, 2010

Hat Doctor

crocheted hat
crocheted hatThese 2 hats were part of a rather large garage sale donation for Bridge and Beyond. Where the color changes is what was sent. A sweet little elderly lady (who's no longer with us) had crocheted these. Perhaps she didn't realize they weren't finished, long enough to stay on someone's head, or snug enough to stay on. I'm not one to let things go un-used and so...doctored them a bit and sent them on their way to warm the head of someone in need. When forming your initial ring (when crocheting a hat), you do not want a hole. Snug up your draw string. These both had a 1/4 inch hole in the top that needed attention. I've seen this problem listed as one of the most common mistakes when someone makes their first hat. Several methods will work to snug it up. You can stitch it together if your drawstring won't get tight enough and add something to the top. You can also go around it twice with your draw string using every other stitch to get it tighter.

In the green hat, I decreased when adding the brown to make it more beanie in style. The yellow one was pretty wide so I decreased much slower and it gives it more of a tam/slouchy style. A third one I forgot to take a picture of was solid green. I happened to have the same color of green...can you believe it and made it like the two tone green and brown.

Hope you're all staying warm, staying safe if you're traveling, and getting all your projects done if you're stitching for Christmas. I finished a scarf for my older brother before heading to his retirement dinner the other night; also forgot to take a picture of it. I loved the yarn and will have to see if I can get a picture to share with you. Was nice tans, browns, gray...very manly wool. Taos, a favorite of mine to knit with.


  1. I'm with you....finish a project that someone else started. Someone will really enjoy it.

  2. It's good that you don't let anything go to waste. I've been in that mode for the past month or so, continuing to go through containers and drawers and using or frogging. There are too many needs that need to be filled to let something sit for long. Thanks for all you do.

    About the hole in the hat, I used to have that problem but now I use the adjustable ring and it closes up nice and snug. I had been crocheting for many years before I even attempted a hat. I doubt it is even ten years since I made my first hat. Love doing it now though.

  3. Waste not, want not :) I'm sure those hats will be greatly appreciated. You did a great job fixing them up :)

    Have a wonderful Christmas :)

  4. Thanks ladies appreciate the kind words. Sandie, I forgot about the adjustable ring...I need to look that up, I don't use it; don't generally have a problem with the hole...just know it's very common.

  5. nice projects you have here sandy. finishing a hat so that someone can use it is also so nice of you.

    happy holidays.

  6. http://simplevintageandcrochet.blogspot.com/

    From Faith blogger froze up on me on the crochet by the sea, I couldn't fix it.so..anew blog...

    Happy New Year Girl...


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