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Monday, March 08, 2010

Moving Day is a Holiday

pile of stuff to packStaging area, or at least part of it. This photo was taken in our garage a couple of weeks back when we were organizing and getting ready to move stuff to St. Louis for our daughter. We brought things up from the basement and used the garage as the holding place. With tons of snow on the ground we wanted to have everything together to minimize how long it would take us to load the truck and be outside in the cold and the snow.
stuff to packAnother view of the staging area. Daughter did her undergrad in St. Louis at Washington University, and her grad school in Baltimore. So....lots of stuff has been here while she was here, then in St. Louis, then in Baltimore and now.........that's she's back in St. Louis it's time to cart everything back to her; plus some of our older furniture to help her and give us a chance to clean out the basement.
getting ready to pack the truckThe night was cold, the ground covered. So before we could load we had to clear the walk and the drive....again! Have lost track of how many times we've shoveled snow this year. Tooooooooooo many, far too many I can tell you that.
packed rented truckLoaded, time now for pizza, wine and bed. We plan on an early start. Hubby will drive the truck and I'll drive our car. Luckily we only have to take the truck one way and can leave it there after we unload it.

We knew this would be a working wk-end, loading up here at home and then unloading there in St. Louis. We expected some cleaning and maintenance issues needing attention. However, it was much more of a working wk-end then we expected. We ended up painting and doing far more cleaning than planned; but boy was it needed!! We stayed a day longer due to being snowed in, also something we didn't expect. How many days til spring?


  1. WOW - you REALLY worked to get it all done, huh? - I moved the last time a bit over 7 years ago. I am staying put until they carry me out feet first. I leave the "cleanup" to others - LOL Aren't I nice??

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my site and leaving your 'footprint' in the comment box. Always lovelyt to 'meet' a new fellow blogger.

    I hope your move is going well......

  3. Oh my it sounds like you really did have a "working" weekend! I'm sure you didn't mind it for a minute since it was your daughter. It's a lot harder the older you get though isn't it? You have my sympathies.

  4. I feel for you, it is hard to move at any time not to mention in the winter. I hope your daughter is all settled and you can get some needed rest. I have signed on as a follower, you have a very good blog.

  5. Hiya, just found your blog:]
    Spring cant be far away now, just a few weeks with any luck.
    Gluck with the new place :-)

    Cupboard Creatures!

  6. Hi Sandy, what great parents you guys are so I'm sure your daughter must be very appreciative. How great it will be for you to have all that empty space to play around with.

  7. Looks like a big job. We are expecting tow days of rain, and we still have 6-inches of snow. Spring comes to MN in May. : )


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