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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cell Phone Software, who knew?

cell phoneMy cell phone and blue tooth. The cell isn't brand new; but then I've only had it a few months too. It keeps turning itself off. Makes me crazy. I use it as a watch when at work. I keep it on vibrate so it doesn't ring, but in my lab coat jacket where I can periodically check time. I work in food market research and need to keep track of how the tests are running against the schedule for 1. I'm able that way also to see if I've missed a call.

Yesterday I had it. The silly thing turned itself off 5 times during the course of my work day. What a nuisance. It's also not uncommon for me to have phone in hand or on my desk and it not ring with incoming call; but seconds later it rings I've missed a call. Weird, my other phones never did this stuff. This is suppose to be a better phone, more hi-tech etc. I've also been getting lots of folks who say I'm breaking up and they have a hard time hearing me. I have it turned up and so do they at their end.

What gives? Headed right to Verizon after work to get to the bottom of things. Bob, nice guy there hooks into his computer and tells me I need software updates. I have version 3 and 6 is available. Meaning I've missed a few updates along the way. He was pretty certain that would fix the problems I was telling him about. 10 minutes later I was in the car and on my way. The phone has not shut it self off since. And 3 people who often have have said I'm breaking up have called and said they hear me better, and the connection is improved.

I asked my new BF, Bob if this was something I could do myself and he first said he could show me how. Then after messing with the phone (which he did before he put it on the computer), he said...hum your phone thinks it's updated so probably best to come in and let us do it on the computer. A friend told me she regularly (like monthly) dials *288 and gets updated. That she had been told to do that when she bought the phone. No one has ever told me to do that with all the various phones hubby and I have had. So, I looked things up on line and do see that recommendation although on blogs and other sites; not the actually Verizon site, nor do I find it in the manual.

You're suppose to dial 288, when it asked if you want to update roaming you take option 2, then again option 2 to update your programming. You receive either a beep (according to one site), or a visual text (according to 2nd site) telling you to click ok which then turns off and restarts your phone....reboots. My friend does this monthly as I mentioned; though the sites suggested once every 3 months. She says she even does when out of town; however both sites recommended you not do this except in your home calling area.

If when you try the 288 you have problems call Verizon Customer Service by dialing 611. However, in my case Bob apparently did the above and that's when he got the message the phone was current with updates...............clearly it was not. My recommendation, take your phone and let the experts do it for you. It's easy, and it's free.

Who knew? I didn't, did you?


  1. Yes, I knew this. However, it's hard to remember to update monthly. Going into the Verizon store is so frustrating in this area. You wait forever. However, when I go to Maine I get great customer service there.

  2. We just have track phones. I am not a phone person, and use only when necessary. Most of the time the battery is dead, because I don't check it..Happy St. Patrick's
    Day...me dear....:)

  3. I did not know that. Thanks for the info. I will share with hubby too.

  4. Sandy, I tried 288 and *288 and it said call cannot be completed as dialed.

  5. Thanks for the great info, I remember my sister telling me about the update, but forgot all about it. But I have not had any problems with my cell.

    I am Verizon too... well have to chat.


  6. I had no idea! I'm a Peace Corps Volunteer (at age um, old). I've been out of the U.S. for almost two years and technology is passing me by!!! I just came across your blog as one of my followers follows you. Love the post!! Thanks, Karen

  7. I don't know that so its really help to know about that

  8. sorry that didn't work for you Sandie, it is *228, wonder if it has to do with the age or type of phone you have?

  9. I have been with Verizon Wireless for almost 8 years and there is another you can use when you seem to have a programming problem. DO *228 once a month and once every 3 months do *22899. ANd if you have a Blackberry once every 6 months update your wireless connectivity (this one takes 2 hours so I schedule it at night while sleeping).


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