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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Yard Business

Purple CrocusOne little spurt of Spring Color! Isn't it wonderful? This one small clump of purple Crocus is blooming, or was the other day beside the deck out back. So far, this lonely clump is it. But, it got me pretty excited. Spurred both hubby and I to spend the day doing some spring clean up in the yard. Was good to get outside even if cool after the long hard cold, extremely snowing winter we've had. This one little clump gives me hope, hope that it will warm up, that the snow really is gone, and hope that winter really is over. I know the calendar says it's spring; but around here...that really doesn't mean much. We often get a snow or two after we pass the date on the calendar.
yard debris loaded into the carWe raked all the flower beds of the winter junk. Winter junk is what's left of the leaves, the deed stems etc. We picked up sticks from both front and back yards from what fell from the trees. We filled 4 of these large trash bags and 2 large trash cans with yard debris. I cut the tall grasses down to a couple of inches and that really produces lots of stuff. Our community composts. They do pick up yard waste once a week and take it to the compost facility for a fee. The fee isn't bad, but we live pretty close and have the means to take it ourselves; which then makes it free. So, here's the old Explorer loaded to the gills as hubby get's ready to make the journey to the dump.


  1. I love getting the spring and summer flowers in the beds. hope your beds are look great soon.

  2. oooh these are so pretty...nature tells us...doesn't it..spring is on the way..the heck w/the calender
    use your senses...so pretty...the colors soft/muted...

  3. :D I just love crocuses and have always wanted to grow some of my own... I always see they popping up in random places along the road, a nice reminder that it's spring! You have a lovely blog, by the way. Have a great week!


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