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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nativities make for lasting memories

When you decorate your house for the upcoming Christmas Holidays, do memories come flooding back to you. Do specific items you doctorate with remind you of a particular person or a particular Christmas Memory? This small old nativity set belonged to my hubby when he was a child. Many of the original pieces are gone either lost or broken; and others here have been glued and some pieces added; but most of the pieces are the original ones. We always set this up in our daughters room. When I first saw it many years ago, it made me smile as it's the exact same set my Mother had when I lived at home. Somewhere along the line, her set too had some broken pieces, and other pieces were scratched so she painted hers white and silver. So, even though Mom won't be with us this Christmas (a first, since she passed in April), I look at this child's nativity set and think of her.

This larger, and far newer nativity set was hand painted by Dorothy, my Mother-in-law. She's not been with us for a very long time now; but every year when I unwrap each piece I think of her. She was a senior citizen when she painted this set in ceramics and I think she did a fabulous job. The stable was made for her by a gentlemen who lived in her building at the time. He too was a senior. This nativity set is always placed on top of the entertainment center in the living room.

Tell me about your Christmas memories.


  1. Our first set was just like the first picture.

  2. These are lovely memories...I still have my parents nativity...not in the best shape after 40
    some years.but it goes up every year. I also have
    some of the glass ball ornaments which hung on our tree when we were small, and at my blog, you
    will see Santa...he has been around at least 60 years...I too, put trees up in our boys rooms, and they have little nativities which they will keep with them, and decorate their childrens trees with...rememberance...it is what Christmas is about... Remembering....God's special blessing for you & your Dad on this Christmas...
    been there...and done that.. I know how you feel,
    as you go through this 1st one..which is no doubt
    the bardest one...time will ease the pain, but only enhances the memoriess which are all good...

  3. I love my nativity sets. I have several, some very expensive (Hummel), others cheap (Avon). Each has its own special memories.

  4. I love the smells of Christmas. Every smell makes me recall an old memory from the past. I love the smell of every Christmas tree we get.

    Traditions that mean the most are steeped in family games and togetherness. Our house is non-stop people in and out for a couple weeks. Our family includes some wonderful lifelong friends.

  5. We still have our Nativity set from when we first got married 28 years ago. We had to take 2 buses to Sears & 2 buses back home in the cold to get it. We usually keep ours on the entertainment center,too, but we now have too many houses up there. :-) Our Nativity set is down on top of the stereo stand now. We also have have an inexpensive set for the kids to touch & play & pretnd with. We have a lot glass ornaments that had belonged to my parents that we used to put on the tree when I was a kid. Lots of memories there. Your post inspires ne to blog about my own Christmas memories. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I have 2 different Nativity sets. Neither are very old, under 20 years. But just setting up and decorating for Christmas brings back many memories.
    The "firsts" are always the hardest. My heart goes out to you.

  7. I still put up the nativity set I had as a child...with the old cardboard manger. It wouldn't seem like Christmas without that old dime store set :)

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year. Hope I'll have more time soon to "visit" more!

    happy knitting :)

  8. The hand printed nativity set is beautifully created .MERRY Christmas to you Sandy and your family.

  9. Hey! Sandy Marry Christmas. I like the art. Its awesome. Really its lasting for memories.

  10. These are fabulous nativities. How nice you have 2 family memories with them.


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