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Wednesday, December 09, 2009


If you're near my age you remember home movies, Dad would say "action", everyone would wave and talk and move around. Not sure why everyone talked, the home movies didn't have sound; but for some reason we did. Everyone waved at the person taking the movie, silly I suppose but, we felt compelled to interact with the cameraman.

We've come a long way from the camera pictured above, and that's not really one of the early models. I can hear the ticking now the camera made after it was wound up. lol And the awful bright lights.

Available now for anyone, personal or in business is secure video hosting. FREE, bet that got your attention; let me explain. Free 30 day trial. Do you run a business that you need to advertise, work for a company who needs to modernize and get the word out, have employees you need to train? These are just a few of the advantages open to you with video hosting features.

Prices vary based on how much band width you use, after all no need to pay for more than you use or want. Full support for avi, dv, mov, mpg, mpg2 and a host of other formats. High Definition, full featured player for people who appreciate quality. Maybe you're a blogger who likes to use all the tech world has to offer to dazzle and amaze others. Add photo's from your flicker account, spread the word on twitter, keep track of your stats with a fully functional map. Add i-tunes and customize--customize. Check out AltaVista Video.


  1. Some great links here, thank you.


  2. Oh how I remember those days. Julie recently had all our movies put onto a DVD. Seems my birtday celebrations began when I was very young. I had no memory of those times, but given the way I am now, the memories surfaced in other ways....

  3. Hard to know sometimes whether we remember the event or we remember it because of footage/photo's.

  4. This sounds pretty cool, putting everything together in a new format should attract new life to lots of businesses. Booked marked the links and plan to discuss this at my next meeting.

    Thanks for the post.

    still not blogging on my own, just enjoying learning from reading others.

  5. You know what I remember...the screen we watched the movies on... and how it smelled, and felt as
    it was unrolled...wasn't it like gritty, sugary
    crystals on it..and the smell was nice...I know
    everybody remembers that? LOL......well I do...
    and I miss that smell, and the click click click
    of the tape going through the projector....

  6. I miss that moment when my dad will say action and thenthe clicking sound appears and we get caught in an unique and funny posture.After that we will have a great laugh in discussing that.Thanks Sandy for reminding me of my past memories.


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